Gone: Australian Druglords

Australian Druglords is being rested by Nine but will return in late July.

Australian Druglords is being rested by Nine but will return in late July.

It was due to air in some cities next Tuesday June 15, but is now out replaced by Australian Families of Crime (which rated higher this week) “Mr Bigs – Lennie McPherson And George Freeman” at 9:30pm. It will not air in Brissy.

30 Years of Origin will now air at 10:30pm in Sydney and 9:30pm in Brisbane. Other cities now have a repeat of Kitchen Nightmares USA at 10:30pm.

Meanwhile an episode of Cold Case will air 9:30pm Thursday July 1 in Melbourne (and presumably Adelaide and Perth). Looks like The Footy Show is out that night probably to air on Wednesday.

“The Runaway Bride”
Suspects abound in the 1974 murder case of a private investigator after his body is found in a demolished building’s cement foundation. The team finds the victim uncovered unfavourable things about his last few clients. Stars Kathryn Morris, Danny Pino and Jeremy Ratchford.


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  1. Peter Sterling just said on the NRL Sunday Footy Show that the 30 years of origin special will screen at 9:30pm in Qld and 10:30pm in NSW. You (and my Ice TV guide) state that it is 10:30pm in both states. (I’m in Brisbane)

    I can’t keep up with these changes Nine. I’ll think I’ll just tape the channel all bloody night and hope that somewhere I’ll get the show. Thanks Nine *g*

  2. So you final bring New Cold Case back but only for melebourne, adelaide and perth, how about the viewers in Brisbane and Sydney do we get the chance to watch this new episode to?

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