Grey’s Anatomy finale replay

Seven Programmers respond to TV Tonight readers raving about Grey's Anatomy finale, by giving it another run on 7TWO.

If you missed it last night… or you just want to be terrified all over again…

Seven will replay the 2 hour finale of Grey’s Anatomy this Sunday night on 7TWO.

The “Lockdown” episodes were dynamite American drama with an ice cold gunman on the loose in Seattle Grace hospital, triggering some stellar performances from the resident cast. Look out for Chandra Wilson as Bailey…..

So many readers of TV Tonight have enthused about the finale that a little whisper to Seven programming has netted the speedy replay.

Guy: “Best episode of the series ever. It was that brilliant. I couldnt believe my eyes I really couldn’t. This would even have to be one of the best pieces of television I have seen in a very long time.”

Ja’mie: “As a drifting viewer over the last couple of years, the Grey’s finale may have me hooked again. Absolutely amazing 2 hours of television.”

Lauren: “Best two hours of television I have ever seen in my life.”

Byron: “I had never watched an episode of Grey’s before but watched the finale last night because I’d heard how good it was. Loved every minute!”

Jane Goody: “Best finale ever.”

Updated: The change will see 7TWO’s City Homicide out this week while Holby Blue moves to 10:30pm in place of The Professionals.

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  1. You know what i will probably watch it again too, that’s how incredible it was.

    Now if only Seven’s programmers would listen to us about live Friday night footy. I wouldn’t mind a replay of Hung too.

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