Guessing game at Seven

Between stories on Peter Meakin, Adam Boland and Rob Raschke it's a bit of a guessing game as to what's going down at Seven.

There’s a lot going on over Seven way this week…

Between stories on Peter Meakin, Adam Boland and Rob Raschke it’s a guessing game as to what’s going down.

Media are having a bit of a feeding frenzy over it all.

The Daily Telegraph says ‘Race is On For Adam Boland’s job at Seven.’

It speculates Morning Show / Weekend Sunrise Executive Producer Michael Pell, 27, is a front runner for the job and backed by Boland. News boss Peter Meakin says he is “regarded very highly” within the network. At Pell’s age there are few in the business that can match his position, and he has the ratings success to prove it.

Former Women’s Weekly editor Robyn Foyster’s name is also thrown in the ring.

It also asks whether Boland’s resignation was linked to news that Rob Raschke is in line to replace Meakin for News & Public Affairs Director. Meakin is tipped to retain Today Tonight and Sunday Night should there be any changing of the guard.

The Australian also noted the timing, going as far as to suggest that some News departments around the country were unhappy with the idea of Boland potentially taking charge.

Seven is pushing the line that Meakin, whose track record in taking Seven News to #1 is unmistakable, isn’t going anywhere. Yet neither Chairman Kerry Stokes nor CEO David Leckie have been quoted to publicly back him of late.

Rivals are also questioning why Boland is leaving Sunrise when the Today show is knocking on its door.

Some have questioned if his plan to exit in November when his contract is up is a negotiating tactic, and reference his use of media during previous negotiations.

Seven is also hoping to change Boland’s mind on a departure, as it has done before. But The Australian notes he is a workaholic and due for a break, the Daily Telegraph concurs, saying he has told friends he wants new challenges.

Where all these musical chairs will land once the music stops remains to be seen.

However, it wasn’t so long ago that Martin Place was evacuated in a fire emergency.

In television, where there is smoke, there is fire…

Source: The Australian, Daily Telegraph

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  1. Please don’t comment if you have no relevence to the article @ steven guy..

    @ everyone else… Please look at the nightly ratings for news… and then go eat S**t,,…

    and Pell will get nothing… So move on people…

  2. Adam Boland is responsible for so much of the dumbing down of Australian TV. Whoever replaces him has to have a better sense of news than believing full segments about Justin Bieber’s latest haircut is what a network news program should be running.

  3. Boland running news? Yeah, I guess that fits, given the sad farce that Seven’s so-called “news” has become.

    Ah well. Perhaps he could compromise and become the next Max Marxson 😉

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