Homer the great

Homer Simpson has been named the greatest TV and film character of the last 20 years, according to an Entertainment Weekly survey that has gained a lot of media attention today.

Matt Groening’s character beat Harry Potter to the top slot. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar, came third.

In fourth place was Tony Soprano from The Sopranos, followed by The Joker, played by late Australian actor Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight.

But do to you agree? Who did they overlook? Check out the latest poll on TV Tonight and cast your vote.

Source: BBC


  1. This is 100% correct. He’s such a great character, but while some may argue that there are better on TV, the length of time that he’s been around for is, in itself, a reflection of how he has retained influence and relevance in such a dynamic landscape.

  2. Simpson, Homer Simpson
    He’s The Greatest Guy in His-tor-y
    From the, town of Springfield
    He’s about to hit a chest-nut tree. Yaahh crash!

  3. Of the last 20 years, definitely the title should go to Homer, no one else beats him, but before homer, there were some great characters as well, Archie Bunker, Matt Dillon, Heathcliff Huxtable, right back to Lucy Ricardo and Andy Taylor… today’s characters can barely match even Homer Simpson, let alone Archie Bunker or Lucy Ricardo.

  4. Since when was Harry Potter a “TV character”?
    Anyway, I think Homer is the best cartoon character, but there are far better on TV, usually where the actor makes the character, such as Steve Carrel as Michael Scott.

  5. It’s good to see some influential characters there …. they are even more ingrained in pop culture long after they’ve gone (Buffy – she set the way for some great female leads like none before her)

  6. D’oh! So obvious, so true. Homer is the greatest. Homer speaks for the millions of downtrodden and forgotten married men out there, he’s the one person they know who expresses their confusion, pain and angst. The only one who understands, who can make them laugh in the face of a job they hate and a family who seem more mysterious every day.

  7. Newtaste: By 6:17am I suspect there were only a handful of votes to the new poll. The results are all auto-ranked via a poll plug-in and not controlled by me. If I knew how to adjust the glitch of a minus figure I would. Given it only occurs for the first few votes on any poll I guess I can live with it. Hope this clears it up.

  8. Homer is #1…for sure….if you want a good belly laugh or just to feel good,Homer will do it for you.
    Personally anyone from Malcolm comes close (this show gets better & better with each viewing).Hal,Dewey or the grandmother (Cloris Leachman) are just classic characters.

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