Hung on the way

Get ready for Hung to launch soon on Seven.

The network will be announcing an airdate shortly.

Thomas Jane stars as Ray Drecker, an ordinary divorced dad who’s facing tough times and trying to make ends meet. But being well-endowed, he tries his luck as a male prostitute while attempting to upkeep a “normal” life.

Also featuring in the series are Anne Heche, Jane Adams, Charlie Saxton and Sianoa Smit-McPhee -formerly of Neighbours.

The series has already aired on Pay TV, but Seven has Free to Air rights.

Head of Programming Tim Worner previously told TV Tonight it was much more than a show about a man’s appendage: “…..when you see the show it is anything but that. It’s a very warm show with a real heart and it’s got a couple of great characters out in front that you identify with, you barrack for, it’s a great show.”

Expect the show before the end of the month.


  1. Saw it. It’s a one joke show. It’s a bit like accidentally on purpose. Sure it’s a funny one of gag. But how many shows can you build around one joke?

  2. @Goonies If you’d actually watched this show, you’d realize that it’s much tamer then it actually sounds. There is much less sex than there is in Nip/Tuck and Californication.

    And good news! Good show this one. I just hope they’ll give it a chance. Seems like a perfect pairing with Cougar Town on Thursdays, but I’m expecting a 11:30pm Sunday slot lol

  3. Saw an ad for this last night and was not one bit interested. Californication was not my cup of tea either though. Love Weeds though.

    I don’t really get these shows that just seem to want to pack in sex scene after sex scene after sex scene. I was a big Nip/Tuck fan at the beginning of the series and then all of a sudden as soon as someone looked at someone else they were having sex. If you have to chuck a sex scene in every five minutes you’re not doing it right!

  4. How did I forget Californication?
    If it wasn’t for US cable we’d have none of them!

    While it’s similar to Satisfaction in the subject matter I wouldn’t rate them together, one is a clear cut drama, while Hung IMO is aimed as a dark comedy and not as long… so to speak LOL

  5. Watched the first series of Hung on pay TV & it’s not in the same league as Satisfaction.
    IMHO the females in Hung are all portrayed as neurotic basket cases.

  6. Craig – and what Californication did for mid-life-crisis-suffering writers 😀

    I presume the religious nutters will come out in force against this one as well.

  7. Saw this on Showcase, I thought it was alright. Craig is right about this being in the same area as breaking bad but I much prefer that then Hung.

  8. I agree with Tim Worner, while the theme is male prostitution that is not the whole story. Hung does for prostitution what Weeds did for illegal drugs. Its one of many off center shows like Breaking Bad or Nurse Jackie. Very good drama with a touch of sex and nudity. Wonder if it will be edited for FTA?

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