It’s all about next week

Next week is shaping up as quite a tasty week in TV. While they won’t all be blockbusters, there are a lot of treats to tempt you.

Sunday Night final.
MasterChef Australia. London week.
Underbelly. Second last episode.

– Season finale for The Mentalist.
Hung premieres on Seven. If you like edgy dramas with flawed characters such as Nurse Jackie, Californication and Weeds, check this one out. Hope it works in primetime on a commercial network. We kinda need it to.
I ROCK final episode on ABC2.
Outrageous Fortune returns to TEN from NZ.
Wimbledon begins.

Minute to Win It. Those ads look positively delerious. Will it translate through the screen?
Ultimate School Musical: Fame finale on FOX8.
Grey’s Anatomy. Double season finale.
24. Double season finale on 7TWO. Last. Ever. Episode. For. Jack. Bauer. Dammit.

United States of Tara season two on ABC1.

Tough Nuts. Tara Moss presents a new doco series on Crime & Investigation.
True Beauty season two on Seven.
FlashForward last ever episode.

ASTRA Awards on Arena.
An Unforgettable Night with Natalie Cole. Filmed at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival and airing on Bio.

Later: Underbelly finale, Dancing with the Stars return, Packed to the Rafters return.


  1. Love Wimbledon, the greatest tennis tournament in the world! Channel Nine would be my favourite TV channel for the next two weeks. =)

  2. Based on all the good reviews for the Grey’s finale, I will definitely be watching that. Hung looks like it could be a fun series too.

  3. @jay jay – I hadn’t heard that Hung has been cancelled, where did you read that?

    Either way I’ll be watching it, I mean the show :lol:. I know it’s not as good as Weeds or Nurse Jackie but I like it.

  4. Grey’s Anatomy final was outstanding.
    Hung – why bother when it was cancelled in the states and is rubbish. It is more suited to 7Two and will probably end up there. I don’t believe it even comes close to Weeds, Nurse Jackie etc.
    Unites States of Tara season 2 is superb.
    Flash Forward – is anyone still watching that?
    24 – I’m excited.

  5. @Kim Sionga, the greys finale has been heavily promoted fo the last week + as ‘Grey’s Anatomy Lockdown: coming soon’ similar to the Code Black Promotion.

    have people noticed his year, whether shows are fasttracked in October or held of to Feb with a few double episodes they all seem to finish around the same time. that being the case i think holding off is the way to go. you get the episodes in one clean run without a huge gap in the middle over summer and no 2 week breaks just because the US took a break,

  6. The Greys double season finale is truly amazing. Baileys performance was mind trembling and so real! Drama at it’s best.

    Surprised Seven hasn’t promoted the heck out of it yet.

  7. Coolness. Hung and United States of Tara!

    And doesn’t season 2 of Being Human start this week? Shamefully, I am also excited by the prospect of season 2 of True Beauty. It’s truly trashtastic!

  8. If you are a Greys fan – all I can say is Do not miss the season final – the most intense 2 episodes of Grey’s (probably tv) I have ever watched! That’s all I will say!

  9. What about the revealing of the strangler on Desperate Housewives?
    When Packed To The Rafters returns, will the last episode of the previous season get a replay?

  10. Madame Tango

    And of course there is Richard Curtis’ episode of Doctor Who, Vincent and The Doctor! This episode is being hailed as the best of the series (although the following week’s The Lodger with its possible flash of the Doctor’s “sonic screwdriver” has also been kicking goals in the UK ratings).

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