MasterChef evictee leak

Spoiler Free: A local newspaper in Sydney has leaked tonight’s evictee from MasterChef.

The North Shore Times, a bi-weekly newspaper in Sydney’s north with a readership of just under 100,000, has been accused of breaking a media embargo.

The paper was finalised late yesterday and was due to hit the streets tomorrow, but was delivered to parts of its distribution area early this morning.

Readers are now reportedly calling the paper and TEN to complain.

A TEN spokeswoman said, “It is true, basically the North Shore Times had assured us that [the paper] would not be available until Friday, would not be on sale until Friday … so they have broken an embargo.”

While media embargos are common practice TEN’s reality series has been the victim of media breaks before, in part due to its sheer popularity and partly due to management of the series by TEN publicity.

A Sunday Telegraph story publishing Poh Ling Yeow as winner last year was the result of the network offering dual “winner” interviews to the newspaper ahead of the final airing.

TV Tonight has previously been requested not to publish genuine interview quotes from contestants who let slip too much in an on-the-record interview, for fear of it hinting at future storylines.

The network also places 8:45pm embargos on print information while the winner is revealed on screen at 8pm and filtered all through Twitter. As a result this site takes immediate info from on-air content and not Press Releases.

Up for eviction tonight are Alvin, Jonathan, Marion, Matthew and Claire. Depending on who goes, this site may log the news tonight….

TEN is now wisely planning a live finale reveal to avoid Grand Final leaks.



  1. Wow, when I posted here the other week that a south coast radio station had broken the embargo a day early and revealed an earlier evictee nobody got their knickers in a twist about it!

  2. @ray. It is one of the two non-Asian males competing tonight. One’s name starts with J, the other starts with M. Not sure which one, but 50% chance it’s one of them, as they are the only NSW contestants on tonight.

  3. At this stage of the game, probably time Ten start managing the release of this sort of information – even if it means they pay someone to stay back on elimination nights to send out the press releases at 20:45 (or use a program to schedule the emails) – as an embargo means nothing when people are careless or don’t think about publishing the data.

  4. I can i just say last night episode was disappointing, i wanted the Airbus to take off and the food to made and severed in the air but no, it never took off.

  5. Easy to work out who it is, based on the states the people in tonight’s elimination come from. The North Shore times would only report on a local person, not someone from interstate.

  6. The North Shore Times is owned by News Corp, as is The Sunday Telegraph. And Murdoch wants people to pay to buy his news on the internet!!

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