Masterchef: London week

MasterChef Australia will have its week in London beginning on June 20.

The week includes Jamie Oliver, Heston Blumenthal, Martin Blunos, Brett Graham as guests.

An yes, it also includes “the biggest challenge that MasterChef Australia has ever seen!”

Starting in London, the contestants must make their way to Europe and into Paris for the “ultimate super-challenge.”


  1. @ ryaneco – i agree loved the hong kong episodes they were easily the highlight of S1. With this one heading off to france/uk it has the potential to be even better.

  2. @Craig H: Gary returns in a crutch in Sunday’s episode when the top 12 contestants will form groups and create vegetarian dishes for six men who love meat. The London week was filmed in late April (remember Matt Preston had to cut short his stay so he could return to Australia in time for the TV Week Logie Awards?), so Gary would have fully recovered from his leg injury by then.

  3. Will London chef Fergus Henderson appear in the London episodes? His appearance last night in a Sydney butcher shop was more than strange.

  4. Not going to lie the hong kong Masterchef meets The Amazing Race was one of the most entertaining episodes that Masterchef has aired!!

    Why can’t ten so The Amazing Race 🙁

  5. I miss Gary, do we know when hes returning, hes been missing most of this week? the other two judges are a bit to hysterical for my liking

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