Nine steps up social media

The Nine Network is stepping up its use of Facebook, Twitter and website presence.

There are around 1000 members of its Facebook account who are providing a flurry of bouquets and brickbats over shows, programming and stars. Some are currently suggesting a network boycott unless Footy Show star Andrew Johns is sacked. Another compliments Ben Fordham on his job hosting ACA last week.

Such Feedback will be interesting to monitor, given Nine dumped its public forum on NineMSN.

A Current Affair has also revamped its website, including offering the show streaming from 6:30pm AEST.

It also embraces Facebook and Twitter. Both Tracy Grimshaw and Ben Fordham are Twitter users and more Nine personalities are being encouraged to join the online dialogue.

The site will also allow Tracy Grimshaw to be sent comments in real time that she will be able to read on air.

Nine News chief Mark Calvert said the build-up of support on Facebook last year for the return of Hey Hey It’s Saturday, and its subsequent debut audience of 1.5 million, had shown Nine that social networks could provide a ratings groundswell.

“You can potentially turn a night if you can turn a handful of viewers because of something they’ve seen on Facebook,” he told The Australian.

Source: The Australian


  1. Secret Squïrrel

    So the least technologically-oriented station is “embracing” the new media? This is a bus crash waiting to happen. In fact, a bus of schoolchildren plunging into a pool of sharks waiting to happen.

    Someone makes a (dubious) connection between a FB group and real-world ratings, and then simply thinks that if everybody gets on “this Twitterspace thing”, Ch9 shows will start rating their @rses off and no downside.

    I think we can all see what’s going to happen here. They might as well put their programme directors and personalities in stocks and start handing out the fruit and veg.

  2. Would help if they fixed their whole website first; it’s the slowest, heaviest piece of crap around. Even News Corp websites like the Herald-Scum are faster.

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