Relocation Relocation, Australian style

The LifeStyle Channel adds a local version of Relocation, Relocation to its expanding property portfolio, to be produced by Shine Australia.

Hot on the heels of its ASTRA Awards success with Selling Houses Australia, The LifeStyle Channel has announced it has commissioned Shine Australia to produce Relocation Relocation for the Australian market.

The UK series (pictured) follows people ‘who are looking to move house and want a change of scenery; on the hunt for a new home and new business premises; downsizing to help their kids get on the property ladder; or just seizing the moment to relocate to a place they never thought possible.’

Relocation Relocation is one of The LifeStyle Channel’s most important franchises and producing an Australian version of the show is a wonderful opportunity for us to further extend its brand. We are excited to be working with the creative and experienced team at Shine to produce Relocation Relocation Australia and look forward to finding the best Australian talent for this series,” said Bruce Mann, CEO, XYZnetworks.

Nicole Sheffield, General Manager, LifeStyle Channels said, “The LifeStyle Channel is the home of property and securing this fantastic format solidifies our position as leaders in lifestyle media in Australia. Along with Grand Designs and Selling Houses we now have all of the big hitting property formats and are thrilled to be bringing our audience the Australian series.”

In Relocation Relocation Australia two property experts will set out to find the right properties for people looking to sell up and transform their lives.

“This is a premium brand and we are delighted to be bringing it to The LifeStyle Channel. The property world is buzzing and this format is one of the finest of its kind on the planet,” said Mark Fennessy, CEO, Shine Australia.

Shine Australia will begin production on the 10-part one-hour series immediately for premiere on The LifeStyle Channel in early 2011.

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  1. I love RR too, If Kristie can’t host here then why not get an Aussie female to work with Phil.
    Phil’s solo “Relocation: Phil Down Under” specials were good but he needs an offsider. Actually Phil did a great job of promoting Australia to other countries who buy these shows.

  2. Selling Houses Australia works due to the host, Andrew Winter, being part of the “Selling Houses” brand. Phil and Kirstie are part of the “Relocation Relocation” brand and therefore an Australian version is a big gamble as there will be new hosts. David… were Phil’s solo “Relocation: Phil Down Under” specials successful?

  3. @ Aleisha – agree, this show is Phil and Kirstie!

    Selling Houses Australia worked because Andrew Winter moved over to the Gold Coast from the UK.

    Phil comes over every year, maybe they could entice Kirstie!

    David…are foxtel ever going to show the RR series that Phil did with Kirstie’s sister Sophie?

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