Renewed: Australia’s Got Talent

Seven has announced a fifth series of Australia’s Got Talent for 2011.

The revamped series concludes tonight following its most successful season so far. Last week’s first half of the 2-part Grand Final topped 1.83 million viewers.

But the announcement doesn’t indicate if any of the judges, Kyle Sandilands, Brian McFadden, Dannii Minogue or host Grant Denyer are returning. McFadden has previously indicated he will relocate to the US and expressed little interest in a TV career.

Seven’s Head of Production, Brad Lyons, said: “We are thrilled to have grown Got Talent even further this year and it’s a credit to the whole team. The new judging line-up has worked a treat, and the calibre of this year’s acts and their stories have really struck a chord with audiences. We look forward to building on that even further in 2011.”

Ian Hogg, CEO of producers FremantleMedia Australia added: “What a sensational series 2010 has been. Seven and ourselves have worked very hard to lift the program to a new level. We couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Prospective contestants for 2011 should email [email protected]


  1. Probably would have watched this if it wasn’t for the smarmy Grant Denyer. They’ve got a great judging line-up there. The only problem with shows like this, X Factor, Idol, etc is often there’s only one or two acts that really grab you, and you find yourself wanting to fast forward through the rest.

  2. saw this for the first time tonight, well the first half hour, was absolute car crash television.

    it obviously got renewed coz people watch it, I guess I’m just a little shocked that people watch it

  3. lol brian really put his foot in it didnt he.. maybe he knew he wasnt getting renewed hence his shift to the u.s.

    i hope this is the case anyway, cant wait to see the back side of him!

  4. can’t wait for next season, this season has been great tv. apart from the great new judges and the big stage, and good promo i think the thing they get right is that it is not mega dragged out like SYTYCDA and it is not a mad rush to squeeze everything in like DWTS, it is a well paced easy watch.

    hopefully now that it is a higher profile show more talents will audition and it will be even better next year.

  5. Just could not get into thisA little too tacky for me,& Grant you do my head in,which is strange because i thought you were the bees knees a few years back.

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