Returning: Alan Sugar: The Apprentice

Seven is surprisingly bringing back the UK version of The Apprentice with Alan Sugar, despite it not working for them the first time around.

However in the UK the series has been successful, approaching its 7th season.

The show will resume with a late night timeslot of 10:30pm from Tuesday June 29th.

Seven picks up from S4 which aired in the UK in 2007.

In the new season premiere, sixteen fresh candidates are introduced to Sir Alan Sugar, who immediately turns them to task with two truckloads of fish and ten-hours of hard sell. Selling fish is the type of basic trade Sir Alan loves. Find the customers, get a good price – make a profit.


  1. Soo upset- LAst episode I watched was just before the finals when there was the 2 girls and boys… I keep turning it on after tha Kardashians- to find nothing…
    Did I miss the Grand Finals??
    Please people where can I watch this?

  2. I loved the last season that they showed in Australia and im loveing this season as well.
    I think that if it had a better times slot you wouuld get a lot more people watching and make it easer for me when i have a 8am start the next day.

  3. I saw thsi advertised and thought “oh great!” – then I realised that it was the season that I had seen in the UK in 2008.

    Why does Channel 7 show so many Old shows? Another case in point is “Popstars”.

    If you are going to show something old at least make it a classic that can be enjoyed (and I’m not talking about Sons & Daughters because that old chestnut is also on at the moment!)

  4. Is there anywhere online I can catch those episodes of The Apprentice UK that I will miss from time to time due to the time slot, Tuesday 10.30…killer!

  5. Can they please bring back the Australian Apprentice, I thought it was by far olthe best series on tv last year & in many ways superior to the US and UK version.

  6. On this vague topic, is there any news on a second season of The Apprentice Australia? I thought it was one of the better Australian shows last year but unfortunately it got put in a fairly mediocre timeslot so it never had much of a chance to perform.

  7. Season 6 hasn’t even aired in the UK yet David. It won’t air there until Novemeber. This was due to Alan Sugar and his political bias during the election period.

    Season 7 is only just being cast now for a 2011 release.

    I’ve just finished watching Junior Apprentice and really enjoyed it. At least the kid who deserved to win actually end up winning.

  8. About time! If they stick with this it could gain a following. Didn’t they only show about 3 episodes last time before ‘firing’ it? Season 4 is great and season 5 is even better! A 6-episode teenage version ‘Junior Apprentice’ has just finished up in the UK too. Some of the candidates were really impressive!

  9. So they completely missed S2&3, how will we ever catch up LOL

    This show might be better suited for 7TWO.

    Also yes when is 7 going to bring back the likes of Parks and Recreation or It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia?

  10. I actually didn’t mind the english version. I must admit that it had more to do with one contestant who was so delusional, that I had to keep watching just to make sure he didn’t win. That said, I do think it gives an interesting insight into the business culture in each country.

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