Returning: Ready, Steady, Cook

You’d never know it but there’s more than one cooking show on Network TEN…

Series 6 of Ready, Steady Cook begins today with host Peter Everett.

The new season sees the introduction of five new chefs: Matt Kemp, Alex Herbert, Warren Turnbull, Logan Campbell and Frederic Barreau.

Also appearing on the series are celebs including Charlie Pickering, Bonnie Lythgoe, The Wiggles, Kitty Flanagan, Libby Trickett, Liz Ellis and more.

A new segment called “Ready Steady Secrets” will also feature. The chefs have ten minutes to use one main ingredient to create two great dishes and reveal some secrets to getting the most out of the ingredient.

This year full episodes will be available at and viewers will be able to SMS their email address to receive recipes.

The show was nominated for a Logie in 2009 and 2010.

It airs at 2pm weekdays on TEN.


  1. Peter is a great host, his style is to fumble around and get in the way, I think some people might not like his campy style, but it does work. He’s just having some fun with what can at times be a bit of a dull show. I think the new IKEA set looks a bit sterile.

  2. I don’t think it was missing,just repeats i believe.
    Peter Everett is what makes the show,his stumbling around & getting in the way is refreshing to watch.
    The show only came alive once he took over.The original host was really boring.
    It is a much better production than the uk version. The set,the chefs & the foodparticularly the food.
    My only gripe is the extremely annoying theme music.Ban the flute!!
    Did i mention there is a good deal of eye candy as well?Food for thought.

  3. The concept of RSC is good I guess. Good to see they are including a little more cooking advice for all viewers to take away. Peter Everett stumbles through the hosting role just as much now as when he first started – you would think that most people would have found their stride by the 6th season of a 5hrs per week show!! Lose Everett and the show would be much more watchable.

  4. It is a poor imitation of the British version with Ainsley. Everett is a lovely guy, but I always cringe watching him host this for some reason.

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