Returning: United States of Tara

Hurrah… at last the second season of the wonderful United States of Tara is returning to ABC1 later this month.

This season’s synopsis indicates of Tara‘s (Toni Collette) alter-egos that some are returning and some are new.

She’s got a husband, two kids and multiple personalities. Toni Collette returns in her Emmy and Golden Globe winning role in the new season of United States of Tara, the comedy series produced by Steven Spielberg.

Toni stars as Tara Gregson, a suburban wife, mother and sister with DID (dissociative identity disorder formerly known as multiple personality disorder). The new series starts with a bang – literally. Just as Tara decides to move on from her past, a sudden neighbourhood incident opens the door to her family’s shocking secrets.

Her alters – some returning and some new – will help unravel the mysteries while simultaneously infusing their own chaos into the mix. Meanwhile the rest of Tara’s family explore their own identities as Max hits a boiling point; Marshall questions his sexuality; Kate takes on an online fantasy persona; and Charmaine finds herself in a complicated love triangle.

In tonight’s first episode, the Gregsons’ neighbour commits suicide and the family unexpectedly is given responsibility of the house. Now well and dissociation-free for several months, Tara sets out to make new friends with Max’s help. Marshall struggles to fit in at school, Kate lands a new job, and Nick pops the question to Charmaine.

It returns on Wednesday June 23 at 9.30pm.


  1. I’m assuming as we’re only 5 episodes into Season 2 that the ABC will be putting this back on after the Chaser boys (who i also like) finishing diddling on about the election.

    I wish they’d just put it on ABC2 in the meantime (and do it as a repeat on a Thursday as they do with Gruen – there’s too much good telly on a Wednesday and i’ve only got 2 tuners !)

  2. I had wondered when this was going to happen. No time shift viewing on this program, I can’t wait to watch it as it goes to air!

  3. Oh good, Wednesdays suck at the moment. Hope this means Breaking Bad isn’t far off either.

    Interesting side note, Toni was on Graham Norton a few weeks ago and they were discussing the fact that Tara is not shown in the UK due to content that may not go over too well! I was shocked to say the least.

  4. Brilliant to see ABC getting with it. Now if SBS could just follow ABC’s lead – they’re still an entire season behind on “Big Love”!

  5. Now we just need Ten to either air Nurse Jackie or hand it over to the ABC or even Showcase so it can be shown as well. Nurse jackie and Tara air together in the US on their Showtime network.

  6. Secret Squïrrel

    Oh, goody. Shame it clashes with Sarah Connor Chronicles for a couple of weeks so it’ll either be Thu repeat or iView.

    @Tasmanian de√il: come on, at least try to read the whole article.

  7. Tasmanian de√il

    Is it going to be shown at 9:30 on ABC2 like last year, or 9:00? I’m just wondering if it will affect any of the timeslots for the other shows.

  8. I tend to not worry about watching Spicks and Specks or At the Movies because the shows at 9:00 and 9:30 don’t interest me. Now that Gruen and Tara are back, I will probably get back into Spicks and Movies.

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