Richard Morecroft to host Letters and Numbers

Former ABC News presenter Richard Morecroft will host the new SBS weeknight quiz show.

TV Tonight hears the host on new SBS quiz Letters and Numbers will be former ABC News presenter Richard Morecroft.

Based on a French format, which has been running since the 1960s, it has been running in the UK since 1982 as Countdown. Contestants pit their alphabetical and mathematical knowledge against each other and the clock.

The new weeknight show is due to begin recording in Melbourne soon with Morecroft who has presented ABC News, Nationwide, Behind the News – BTN and Morecroft Goes Wild!

Joining him is Lily Serna.

SBS has greenlit 100 episodes of series produced by Shine Australia, which was promised from June but is now expected in July.

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  1. Given how broke SBS claim they are, what are they paying that well known, Australian, independent production company Shine in format rights? Which multi-cultural, special, innovative box does Richard Morecroft as presenter tick? When does the SBS Board step in and say enough is enough?

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