TEN wins Wednesday as MasterChef nudges 2m

High drama on the high seas as TEN wins Wednesday night and MasterChef powers to a new season high of 1.96m viewers.

High drama on the high seas? Or maybe just in port….

In any case, TEN won Wednesday night thanks to a new season high for MasterChef Australia, pulling 1.96m viewers last night.

The group challenge aboard P&O’s Pacific Jewel clearly captured the imagination of viewers, which as good as doubled the competition.

Hey Hey it’s Saturday had to settle for 1.03m while Dog Squad / Surf Patrol were 907,000 / 821,000 for Seven.

In primary channels TEN took 26.1% to Seven’s 23.9% and Nine’s 23.7%. With 7TWO and GO! adding to the mix TEN’s rivals made up some ground, but for once it still wasn’t enough to overtake TEN in network figures.

Elsewhere last night The Pacific finished on 978,000, even beaten by Spicks and Specks on 1.12m. while Lowdown had a big lift from 422,000 last week to 580,000.

Deal or No Deal‘s $200,000 giveaway worked, rising to 877,000 helping Seven News take almost 1.6m. Expect more Spoiler promos in the future.

Dance Academy made the Top 100 for ABC1 with 101,000.

Week 23.

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  1. David you do an amazing job putting this blog together – I don’t know how you do it and manage first rate reporting as well. I don’t want endless and subjective interpretation and arguments over the numbers and the demos – we get enough of that from the networks, I much prefer precisely what you do which is provide a lively and informed forum to discuss everything about TV!

  2. @Brett
    common misunderstanding, the most common rating data (that is used here) is not calculated from Australias total population just the 5 city metro which is made up of about 13million people. so if 4million people are watching tv then 9million aren’t, which seems more realistic. there is also paytv to factor in which is generally not included anywhere.

  3. Hopefully not too sound too stupid here, but O.K so at that time they calculate about 4 million viewers were watching TV, what are the other 18 million doing? I realise that not everyone would be home watching TV as they would be at work, studying socialising etc, but its a massive gap.

  4. Can’t believe people are arguing against getting demo information. Obviously I was wrong in thinking that most people would like to see the full ratings picture, however that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. Each to their own I guess.

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