TEN wins Wednesday

TEN wins Wednesday as MasterChef pushes Hey Hey under the 1m mark -and The Circle trumps Kerri-Anne.

Wednesday put a smile on the faces of the folk at TEN.

It won the night with a 27.0% share to Nine’s 26.8% and Seven’s 25.0%.

Without much leg up from ONE to compete with GO! and 7TWO that’s a very good result (Primary channels: TEN: 26.2, Nine: 24.8, Seven: 23.0).

MasterChef Australia pulled out another 1.8m (or 1.799 to be precise) beating Border Security / Surf Patrol (1.2m / 966,000).

Hey Hey it’s Saturday finally slipped under the dreaded 1m mark at 995,000. That preliminary figure will move after adjusting for overruns (it finished at 9:47pm) and Timeshifting but daily ratings reports historically log overnight figures.

Back to form was Spicks and Specks on 1.24m which won its slot. Lie to Me was close behind on 1.21m. Yet another crime factual Police Under Fire: Mad Max came under fire at 817,000 -fourth in its slot for Seven.

But the best news for TEN yesterday was not in primetime, but morning television.

The Circle pulled out a morale-boosting 100,000, beating Kerri-Anne on 97,000. Aside from the Anzac Day public holiday it was a season high for the morning show. If The 7PM Project had topped the 1m mark (it was 943,000) it would be just about enough reason to give everyone at TEN the day off.

Week 24

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  1. Regarding “Hey Hey”. It’s amazing that people have been saying “Meh” after Channel 9 decided to air new episodes after the reunion specials were a ratings success.

    It seems “Hey Hey” is losing more and more viewers every week.

  2. @ Ronnie – totally agree with you about Seven’s programming for the first half of this year. It is nothing short of bizarre. Where the hell is PTTR? Why are they allowing former ratings winner Find My Family to run dead against a known ratings blitzkrieg like MasterChef? There are gaping holes all over their schedule that they are doing nothing about. They have become overly reliant on factuals, and it is killing their ratings. If I was a shareholder, I’d be asking serious questions right now.

    HHIS – well, this was bound to happen. The show was fine as a one-off nostalgia special. It does not have the ratings legs to be a regular, prime time series.

  3. I’m really annoyed and disappointed that Hey Hey is getting those figures and particularly for last night’s episode which had a really good balance and it was definitely the best show of the year.

  4. Man, those Hey Hey freaks on the facebook still dont see where the shows going, Get Real! The show Was great last year, for the nostalgic value of a reunion show. But has no appeal to the younger audience of Now! Jokes are Old, like 40 years old now, the segments are outdated, (except Red Faces, that’s cool for something random and funny), and no one at 25 years old, would want to watch a bunch of overweight old men cracking jokes that don’t make sense to them.
    Im Sorry, I used to Love hey hey and couldnt wait ’till they returned, but this is now ridiculous.

  5. The Circle is such a good show. The hosts have a great chemistry, and it’s very entertaining. People bag the infomercials but it’s a reality they need to show them to make the show profitable.

    Denise did one of the infomercials one morning and it was hilarious!

  6. The Circle is good fun but don’t compare it to The View just because there are 4 women talking. The View is more issues based which I wish The Circle would do. From what I’ve seen they don’t really talk about news issues.

  7. Really happy for The Circle, they deserve it. Brilliant show.

    @Goonies the “shopping crud” is so that they can afford to make a local show that has only 100,000 viewers.

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