TEN’s Reality is Seven’s headache

MasterChef Australia passed the 1.8m figure for the second time this week crushing Seven's factuals which are increasingly unable to compete.

MasterChef Australia passed the 1.8m figure for the second time this week, netting 1.81m viewers as Jimmy Servai was eliminated. Before it has even hit the halfway mark the series shows no sign of slowing down.

It crushed Seven’s factuals The Zoo on 792,000 and Find My Family on 712,000. Nine was better able to compete with the comedy alternatives of Two and a Half Men on 1.53m and The Big Bang Theory on 1.36m.

TEN’s 7PM Project just nudged the 1m mark with 995,000 tuning in for Hamish & Andy and Twilight stars on what is traditionally its biggest night of the week. It was its best audience all year. Good News Week followed on 991,000.

The Mentalist‘s 1.24m won its timeslot, now a clear leader over Desperate Housewives on 948,000.

Best for Seven was Seven News on 1.68m and Today Tonight on 1.5m viewers.

Today pipped Sunrise by 1,000 viewers (355,000 v 354,000). Deal or No Deal‘s 729,000 was ahead of Hot Seat‘s 721,000.

Australian Story pulled 882,000 for ABC1 while Man vs Wild was an impressive 531,000 for SBS ONE.

ABC’s new Dance Academy didn’t make the Top 100, beaten by Total Drama Island‘s on ABC3 in the same timeslot which took 153,000.

In primary channels Seven was actually third behind TEN, but a good performance from 7TWO kept it afloat in network figures with Heartbeat pulling 314,000.

Week 23

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  1. I know the main point of the post is Masterchef but Total Drama Island is awesome! It is hilarious and clever, especially for a kids’ show. I quite enjoy it, even though I’m not exactly part of ABC3’s target audience 😀

  2. It’ll be interesting to see if Seven bites the bullet in Melboune and puts the footy on Live Friday night’s up against MasterChef. It worked well for them a couple of weeks ago.

    Better Homes and Gardens could go on a Thursday night at 7.30 in Melbourne – cause that’s where The Matty Johns Show is on in Sydney and Brisbane – so the network is split anyway after the failure of The Bounce.

  3. Bella mentioned Rick Stein.Replace 7pm Project with Rick Stein’s Food Heroes & it will outrate all.Good television.There are some wonderful food shows around.The Cook & The Chef,Mecurio’s Menu,Surfing The Menu (series 2,especially) & The Best (uk & aus versions alike). Even Ready Steady Cook as a 25 minute program with the wonderfully witty Peter Everett would be a hit. Ten,how about it?

  4. Agree David, but plenty of baggers as well….

    Read the comments on this previous posted article… (below)

    And someone who “claims” that demographics don’t count in Australia.. 7pm is usually always 1st in the target for 10…

    April 21, 2010 Filed Under News, 37 Comments »

    TEN Programming Chief David Mott has been the biggest advocate of The 7PM Project since its inception.

    Mott has stuck with the show despite dismal numbers, middling reviews and online criticism. But the move is beginning to pay off.

    On Monday it enjoyed its biggest audience all year with 974,000 viewers. With the end of Daylight Saving and the introduction of MasterChef Australia, the signs are finally encouraging.

    “We have always been committed to this style of program as a refreshing change to the way current affairs programs are produced,” he wrote to TV …

  5. I think the point is that Masterchef is a great show… Obviously that is proven in all the figures so do not dispute that… Take away 2.5 men, SOO, and UB, and 9 have bugger all…

    And for all the baggers (and yes the readers of this site are them…) of 7pm project… You were all Wrong… So get back to your day jobs..!!

  6. ABC gets away with lot of rating failures and it never gets pointed out…. The ABC has been dropping the ball a lot lately and it’s time for them to pull up there socks and start spending our money on quality tv and not self indulgent tv.

  7. I’m just so happy Seven is facing the reality that Nine and TEN are catching and passing them in the ratings. Nine has one several weeks in a row recently and MC is giving the others a lot to think about.

  8. Well I prefer factuals over reality shows (don’t need to watch people cooking and eating). So I stick with 7 on this. Well I mostly like the factuals that are animal related though (The Zoo, Animal Rescue, etc) compared to things like Bondi Rescue.

  9. I have had FMF on in the background in recent weeks while taping MC and waiting for The Mentalist. I must say that while it’s nice to see families reunited it really is done in a dreary way.

  10. MasterChef did have Rick Stein as the chef that would of pulled a few more viewers. I ‘ve never watched Find My Family. It’s just a bit too over the top for me.

    Shame about Dance Academy. I plan to catch up with the repeats on Sunday on ABC3 just to see what it’s like.

  11. Seven is being hammered this year due to lazy and spineless programming. Why is Tim Worner so afraid of Sunday night? By the time they get around to screening Rafters and CH the ratings year is already lost. I don’t understand why Leckie is allowing this to happen. I can’t see X Factor with Matt Newton saving the day either. This seems to be Seven’s year to drift sideways.

  12. MC seems to have caught up with the rating it was getting this time last year aftr beeing streets ahead all season.

    but the fact that 7 can have such a poor night on a night that ten soars and they still come 3rd just shows how important early evenings and digital channels are.

    i did some maths yesterday, with the way simpsons&neighbors are going ten has to average over 2million for 90mins in primetime just to work off 7&9’s lead from 6-7:00

  13. Maybe people are fed up with Seven delaying DH and other programs by months.

    If anything, 7Two should be used to give programs that would suffer from the download factor, a chance to air, near to, or same day as America (e.g. start Desperate Housewives Season 7, on 7Two in say, October), with their traditional run on the main channel, still happening, with cross-promotion of the latest 7Two episodes on the main channel.

  14. good on ya massive sucess err no i mean masterchef but ten still couldnt win the night it looks like the bagging of masterchef by TT and ACA has only had a postive effect on MC it really is amazing that a cooking show is one of the highest rating shows on tv

  15. Seven has fiddled with the format to Find My Family this year.

    What happened to Jack Thompson hosting it? He was great and gave some balance to the show – did he ask for too much money to come back? The episodes this year have almost been un-watchable.

    As for Desperate Housewives – I think this season has been one if its best in terms of acting and writing and it’s a pity the ratings haven’t reflected this.

    But I guess its days as a ratings powerhouse are over and I think Ch 7 will be thinking long and hard about where to put it next year – maybe on 7Two?

    They can’t really keep it at the same timeslot if the ratings aren’t as good as they used to be.

  16. Maybe Seven should retool ‘Find my Family’ and ‘The Zoo’, let them look for a missing relative then ask them to cook -off after in Taronga Zoo. 🙂

    Glad that Jimmy is out of MC, what he did with the sea urchin last night was just deplorable, I hope Aaron wins.

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