Vale: Edward Bryans

Former Melbourne ABC newsreader Edward Bryans, has died after a long illness, aged 77.

Bryans got his start on ABC Radio in 1963, and became an announcer for ABC Melbourne the same year. Not long after, he began reading the news on TV, which he continued doing until 1970.

The Age notes his fine voice and attention to detail were suited to radio news reading. No inaccuracy, however slight, in pronunciation or punctuation, escaped him.

In a review of newsreaders in The Age in May 1967, Mary Gillison wrote: ”Once upon a time ABC news readers were nameless … today they are expected to establish a little of themselves in their newscasts … Eddie Bryans has a well-trained voice, announcing the news with authority.” The many historic news stories he read included the disappearance of prime minister Harold Holt in December 1967.

He is survived by his wife, Bobbi, sons Paul and James, daughter-in-law Sally, and four grandchildren.

Source: The Age

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