3.96m watch MasterChef finale

3.96m Australians tuned into MasterChef Australia: The Winner Announced last night.

3.96m Australians tuned into see Adam Liaw win MasterChef Australia‘s final last night.

The figure for The Winner Announced is for the final portion of the show in a 5 city metro. With regionals added the figure was 5.2m. The peak was 4.35m (5.74m with regionals).

The show now takes third place behind Lleyton Hewitt’s Australian Open final in 2005 (4.04m) and the 2003 Rugby World Cup final, since the start of OzTAM ratings since 2001.

TEN had a combined network share of 44.3% for the evening doubling its rivals Seven Seven (21.6%) and Nine (19.3%).

Last year it averaged 3.74m in 5 cities.

By comparison The Great Debate pulled 1.24m on Seven and 1.22m on Nine. ABC1 had 484,000 watching.

Dancing with the Stars had to settle for 1.06m.

TEN’s phenomenal success with MasterChef cannot be understated, in terms of ratings, revenue and media attention. The show has captured the country’s imagination and soared past the success of other TV juggernauts The Block, Dancing with the Stars and Underbelly. Not bad for a show that many thought could never replace Big Brother.

Week 31.

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Source: OzTAM

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  1. @ slydoggie – well said sir, well said!

    I cannot understand all the people posting on a MC story that they didn’t watch it or hate it or whatever, good on ya sonya – do you want a medal or a chest to pin it on or perhaps some firends to show it to?

    MC wins big time, and all the people who don’t like it can go sulk somewhere else please!

  2. “I didn’t even watch one episode…” ” …no-one I know watched it…” “…only a quarter of the country…” “…inaccurate ratings…”

    Get your hands off it! You didn’t watch, we don’t care. We did and we loved it. Just cos’ no-one you know watched it doesn’t mean a thing. There were plenty of people that did. 1 in 4 is huge!! Where else could an advertiser capture a quarter of the country at the one time?? No-where. There is a reason why Coles bought a sponsorship of MasterChef, because it Does capture people’s imagination and translates into massive sales for them. Pick up the Fin Review instead of the tabloids every now and again to see the impact. And yes, the ratings will never be 100% accurate until there is a box in every home. It’s called extrapolation from a survey group. Needless to say, the significant number of 3.96M is consistent with the ratings methodology they’ve adapted since they started recording them in 2001.

  3. The reason this show is so good is because its family viewing, not negative but positive tv, the judges are the nicest guys and are great at their job! they dont put people down and give them info when needed. The contestants are all like a family even when they have been eliminated and most of them go on to do better things so its like watching aussies grow. I can;t wait to see next season!!

  4. “The show has captured the country’s imagination”


    Australia has 22 million people and less than a quarter watched a cooking show. Hardly capturing the countries imagination.

  5. i meant beat… last yrs rating damn typo.

    @Brett Sure… BB was popular but did it get around 4 million people to watch?? No. Did it have controversy? Yes. More than MC by a long shot.

  6. I have never watched a full version of Master Chef, and dont intend too.
    It is not my cup of tea.

    I am surprised by how many people, are saying how popular this is, So was Big Brother for the first few seasons.

    I still don’t think , that the money raised by Master Chef will be nearly to the amount of Big Brother – with all the sales on promotional items.

    Lets see, if Master Chef will still be as popular, in like 5 years time …. I dont think so !~~

  7. I always watch Masterchef and I love it so much!
    My favorite chef was Marion and I also liked Adam. I am glad that he won.
    Please contact me with details because I am dying to be on masterchef junior.
    I am 8 years old and I think you are the best chefs ever!!!!!

  8. I don’t dispute the rating figures or their methodology but nobody I know watched a second of it and nobody in my workplace watched the final. I would love to know the age/gender/income demographics of who watched Masterchef because it has completely passed my family, friends and work colleagues by.

  9. My 12yo son, (keen cook – though it’s all desserts at this stage!), is totally amped for the Kiddie version. There’s probably another half a dozen boys in his class at school who all regularly cook. It’ll be interesting to see what the demographic skew is with ratings for this version. Bring it on, I say. The more kids who learn about good food, nutrition, how to look after themselves and cook for others (sharing food, good times) the better.

  10. I have to say that there’s something that always impresses me with this programme, and that is that the judges have the balls to put their money where their mouth is.

    Nothing irks me more on Idol, for instance, than when Dicko says to an elimated contestant “You’ve got a great future ahead of, I’m sure you’ll find a record deal.” You know, if you think he’s that great *you* give him a record deal.

    Last night, George Colombaris gave Callum a job, after the chef the other night offered him an apprenticeship of sorts. Two judges stood up and complimented someone’s skills and stood by their word by giving them a job. *That’s* what I love about this show. While they continue to be honest and dedicated, I hope this show goes on and on.

  11. @gil – we already have a version of MasterChef Couples on Channel Seven – it’s called My Kitchen Rules. I don’t think MasterChef will ever do anything like that, because the comp is designed to make the culinary dreams of someone come true, ie let them pursue a career in commercial cooking. Couples would wreck the dynamic of that process. There is already enough tension on the shows with the challenges they do. Having bickering spouses trying to cope with those challenges would completely ruin it. We already get enough couples interplay on MKR, TBL and the Amazing Race.

    I work in an office with nine other people. All 10 of us watched the Finale episode last night.

  12. @ Jezza and the city – why are you amazed only 1 in 4 aussies. that is a massive achievement. out of those 4 aussies, 1 watched it, 1 was too old, 1 was too young, and the other 1 did not really care at all about the finale (or perhaps recorded it)

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