60 Minutes: Great Debate

Nine says the Worm will be controlled by 150 swinging voters selected by Galaxy Research.

No doubt on Monday, when they’re not talking about who won that other TV battle, it will be questions over the “fairness” of the Worm, and the people who controlled it.

So Nine says its has around 150 people, a mix of uncommitted and swinging voters, who have been selected by Galaxy Research for the Great Debate.

60 Minutes follows the event with further analysis.

In a special edition of 60 Minutes, Michael Usher will present The Great Debate between Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott live and commercial-free on Sunday from 6.30pm on Channel Nine.

Nine has commissioned Galaxy Research to select an audience of approximately 150 people, a mix of uncommitted and swinging voters, to control Nine’s Worm. The Worm will provide the computer-generated verdict of these voters as they judge the debate live from Nine’s Sydney studios.

Following Nine’s coverage of the debate, Usher will be joined live on 60 Minutes by Nine’s political editor, Laurie Oakes, and Australian Women’s Weekly editor and former Canberra political correspondent and commentator, Helen McCabe, for the analysis, including the exclusive verdict of the Worm.

Nine’s commitment to keeping viewers informed until Australia votes on Saturday, August 21, will extend across the network’s news and current affairs programs, with the latest news on the federal election every day.

The Hidden Killer
Think about what you’ve eaten today. If you’ve strayed too far from the dietary straight and narrow, there’s a fair chance you’ve consumed something called Trans Fat. Trans Fat is every bit as nasty as it sounds. It’s a toxic, man-made chemical used to increase the shelf life of food. As far as fats go, it’s the worst of the worst. It’s been banned elsewhere in the world, but here in Australia it’s in everything from fried food to biscuits, clogging our arteries and contributing to appalling level of heart disease. The question is – why is something so bad for us still on the menu?
Reporter: Liz Hayes
Producer: Phil Goyen

Air Heads
Come on, admit it – as a kid, you wanted to be a rock star. Who hasn’t turned up the volume and let rip in front of the mirror with a hairbrush microphone or an invisible guitar. If the memory’s embarrassing, don’t let it get you down. Here’s something to make you feel better about all those juvenile fantasies. There’s a place where rock dreams come true, where the air guitar gets the respect it deserves. The air guitar world championships, no less. Here virtuosos from all over, including Australia, are judged on their charisma, technical skill and, of course, their “airness”. And there’s not a single real guitar in sight.
Reporter: Liam Bartlett
Producer: Howard Sacre

Extended coverage airs from 6:30pm Sunday on Nine.

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  1. All the “Great Debate” proved was that the people holding the controllers were racists wanting to stop refugees from coming here. Imagine if the aboriginals had treated the first fleet in the same way. I guess it comes donw to this, do we want a PM who stepped up to the plate and did what needed to be done for the people of AUstralia, or a PM who looks acts and makes promises like a used car salesman desparate to sell whatever old heap he has in his yard.

  2. Why is housing affordability in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne worse for aussies than it is for residents of London, or New York according to the Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey: 2010

  3. Why can’t the PM come clean and admit the Government allowed Chinese workers into Australia for 6 months to decommission the old Mitsubishi Car Assembly line in Adelaide at cheap ($1.90/hr rate) in place of unemployed Australians. It was the unions that exposed this injustice.

  4. I like to know how Tony going to help our health system, when we are allready having trouble getting nurses into the health as if you are new nurse or under 1 year experenice….I am sitting here listening to the debate……

  5. “Forget the worm, channel 7 brings you the polygraph”- So you want me to forget the worm so that I don’t remember it’s an exact of the infamous channel nine worm?

    – just an example of one of seven’s boast-ridden ads leading up to sunday’s debate.

  6. Love the worm and Laurie. Also Helen Mcabe is an interesting but good choice. She always provides insightful anaylsis on the thoughts of women voters which many of the male commentators fail to do.

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