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Updated: ABC News 24 has released its first 10 days of programming with a smorgasboard of News. Download your Guide here.

ABC News 24 has released its first 10 days of programming.

The channel launches at 7:30pm AEST Thursday (5:30pm Perth) with a simulcast on ABC1.

It begins with a one hour ABC News 24 Launch: ABC News Special and is followed by The Drum at 8:30pm hosted by Steve Cannane.

It is followed by The World at 9pm, looking at international news, and ABC News at 10pm.

There will be key programmes throughout weekdays as demonstrated below in the guide for Friday July 23. Some programmes (denoted in brackets) will be rotated according to the weekday.

News will be given at the top of most hours, sometimes in varying length. A news ticker will accompany most programmes (some exceptions). Programmes such as The Drum, The 7:30 Report will also feature in replay most weeknights.

Here is the first full day of Programming:

Friday July 23
6:00am ABC News Breakfast
Virginia Trioli and Michael Rowland present ABC News Breakfast, covering the latest overnight news and highlighting the big stories for the day. Broadcast out of Melbourne, the program makes full use of the ABC’s extensive network of journalists, regularly crossing live to ABC newsrooms across the country, as well as international bureaux in the UK, US, Asia and New Zealand. ABC News Breakfast offers a distinctly different approach to breakfast TV, with quality news and analysis in a contemporary style. Full of lively debate and analysis, regular news updates, finance, sport and weather, the program is energetic and dynamic. ABC News Breakfast will continue to be broadcast on ABC2 and streamed on ABC News Online.

9am ABC News’ morning coverage
Anchored by Joe O’Brien, the morning slot delivers breaking news and full coverage and analysis of the day’s top stories, including up-to-date reports from ABC correspondents. With the latest news updates every half hour, the team covers developments in state and federal politics and provides a full explanation of what’s happening on the Australian share market.

9:30 Australia Network News
10:00 ABC News

10:30am Business Today
Business Today, presented by Whitney Fitzsimmons, provides a comprehensive wrap-up of business news across the Asia Pacific region, as well as the critical issues and stories from the major financial markets. The program provides in-depth analysis and interviews, with a fresh insight into the key issues facing business in the region and beyond. The program’s team of specialist reporters help make sense of the fast-moving world of finance, reporting on the issues shaping the news agenda, as well as providing insightful interviews with opinion leaders and innovators. If you not only want to know what the market is doing but why, then Business Today is the best way of keeping informed. The program is also broadcast on the ABC’s international television service, Australia Network, reaching more than 44 countries across Asia, the Pacific and the Indian subcontinent.

11:00 ABC News

12:00 Midday Report
Up-to-the-minute local, national and international news, with special attention on business and the economy. Presented by Ros Childs, the midday news will continue to be broadcast on ABC1.

(12:30 Landline rpt)
1:00 ABC News
2:00 Midday Report
2:30 (One Plus One)
Weekly interview program hosted by Jane Hutcheon with contributors around the country. Interviews with newsmakers, news-breakers and the stories behind the news

3:00 Afternoon Live
A must-watch for news junkies who want to keep track of what’s happening with the day’s news events. Anchored by Ali Moore, Afternoon Live will have regular crosses to ABC News 24’s Political Editor, Chris Uhlmann, for the latest news from Canberra. Expect lots of discussion on public affairs issues, and regular news updates and breaking news with Jeremy Fernandez through the afternoon.

5:30 ABC News Update
5:30 Contact Sport
5:45 The World This Week
6:00 ABC News

6:05pm The Drum
Building on its online success, ABC News 24’s The Drum offers opinion and analysis, debate and argument, in an engaging and entertaining way. Hosted by Steve Cannane and featuring regular comment from Annabel Crabb and other guest hosts, The Drum brings together a panel of journalists and commentators with a diverse range of opinions to chew over the events of the day. For the duration of the election campaign, The Drum will be presented by Political Editor Chris Uhlmann.

6:45 The Quarters
A series of 15 minute segments profiling topical genres.

7:00 ABC News
7:30 ABC News Update
7:30 (One Plus One) rpt

8:00 ABC News
Juanita Phillips anchors ABC News 24’s evening bulletin, providing the essential wrap-up of the day and continuing coverage of news as it develops – in Australia, Asia and wherever it happens.

8:30 ABC News Update
8:30 (Australian Story) rpt / Lateline Business (Mon -Thurs)
Viewers will now be able to watch Lateline Business at an earlier time slot, and with new host Ticky Fullerton. Lateline Business goes beyond the headlines and examines the current issues driving the world of business and finance that will shape the day ahead on the markets. Lateline Business also appears on ABC1 after Lateline at 11pm, Monday to Thursday.

9:00 The World
Presented by Scott Bevan, The World features reports from the ABC’s network of international correspondents and offers a forum for extended news stories, interviews and insights from around the world. Making full use of the reach and quality of the ABC’s existing international reporting, The World also provides the occasional behind-the-lens view into ABC newsgathering, and what life on the road is like for journalists and crews.

10:00 (Four Corners) rpt
10:45 (Media Watch) rpt
11:00 ABC News
11:30 (Foreign Correspondent) rpt
12:00 ABC News
12:05 The Drum rpt
12:45 The Quarters rpt
1:00 BBC World News
1:30 (Australian Story) rpt
2:00 BBC World News: The Hub
2:30 (Foreign Correspondent) rpt
3:00 Lateline rpt
3:40 (Media Watch) rpt
4:00 Contact Sport
4:15 The Drum rpt
5:00 (Q & A) rpt
6:00 Stateline rpt
6:30 Behind the News rpt

TV Tonight offers ABC News 24 Guide for download here. (CHECK BACK FOR UPDATED GUIDE SOON).


Kerry O’Brien, host of The 7.30 Report, will be the first face seen on the channel as he introduces ABC News 24 Launch: ABC News Special – an hour-long news program covering the news of the day and assessing some of the major local, national and international challenges facing Australia today.

But even before the launch, ABC viewers will get a hint of what’s to come with a fresh new look for ABC1’s 7pm news bulletins across the country. Immediately before the launch, news bulletins in each state will unveil new graphics, weather reports, supers and opening titles that reflect the style and feel of ABC News 24.

· Ticky Fullerton is the new host of Lateline Business, which airs on ABC News 24 at 8.30pm AEST Monday – Thursday ahead of its broadcast on ABC1.

· For the duration of the election campaign, The Drum will be presented by Political Editor Chris Uhlmann. Former Triple J presenter Steve Cannane and the ABC News Online’s Chief Political writer Annabel Crabb will contribute regularly, as well as a host of guests and analysts. Steve Cannane will pick up the presenting of The Drum once election fever subsides. It airs at 6.05pm AEST weeknights.

· Following The Drum at 6.45pm AEST weeknights are 15 minute segments providing a window into specialised topics, including: The Arts Quarter (presented by Ann-Maria Nicholson and Adrian Raschella); The Finance Quarter (Andrew Robertson), The Consumer Quarter (Simon Palan); The Weather Quarter (Jenny Woodward); The Rural Quarter (presented by various rural reporters); The Health Quarter (Sophie Scott) and The Environment Quarter (Sarah Clarke).

· Graham Creed will present regular evening weather updates on ABC News 24, as well as continuing his weather reports for ABC1’s NSW 7pm news bulletin.

· Contact Sport is a 15 minute sports feature hosted by ABC News Breakfast’s national sports presenter Paul Kennedy, airing Monday and Friday at 5.30pm AEST.

· Australian Story Classics and Foreign Correspondent Return Ticket will also get a run on ABC News 24. We’ve delved into the archives to select the best episodes from previous years that will still resonate with viewers today.

The stream will also be available on the following mobile devices:
· ABC iPhone app (scheduled to launch at midnight on Thursday 22 July);

· ABC iPad app (scheduled to launch at midnight on Thursday 22 July);

· ABC iPhone ‘Elections on Mobile’ app (due to go live this week, providing reports, analysis and results on the Federal Election);

· ABC Android ‘Elections on Mobile’ app (due to go live this week, providing reports, analysis and results on the Federal Election).

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  1. In my opinion your introductory story is a complete beat up not worthy of the abc’s usual standard and verging non unethical journalism.You do not quote your sources but seek to falsely back up your hearsay evidence with statements from independent sources on the importance of the national security committee and a comment on a previous pm’s attendance at the committee.Even the importance of meetin gs of this committee’s deliberations depend on the nature of the items on the agendaand ,at times , it can be reasonable to send a member of staff with a watching brief. However withoutaccessto the minutes and agenda your story has no credibilitya. In my opinion you created a bit of sensational ism to ensurethat24NEW got national media overage. At the very least your opening gambit should hayve said’ in our opinion’

  2. @ ka86: Well I’ll be honest with you- I don’t think I’ve ever (knowingly) watched bbc world news. I was more interested in the fact that they were show at least some form of overseas news- like sky’s re-broadcast of Abc America’s national news.

  3. Pretty messy schedule. Especially between 5pm and 8pm.

    Wonder if “ABC News” at 7 is a new national newscast or simmulcast from ABC1 state editions.

    If national, the bulletin on ABC News 24 should be branded “ABC National News” at be nationally focused, whilst over on ABC1 the 7pm news bulletins should be rebranded “ABC News Victoria” and “ABC News Queensland” etc – and become more state focused, so there is a point of difference.

    Also, why is it called “Lateline Business” when it airs at 8.30pm now? I realise it still airs at 11pm on ABC1 but that is now the replay. It first airs at 8.30 – so the “late” in lateline seems odd. Why not “Business Brief” or something.

    Also, it should be on Fridays too, not just Mon-Thurs. A Friday summary of the week on the markets and a look ahead to the week is often the most important biz day of the week.

    Also – can’t believe nothing is being produced in HD. RIDICULOUS!

  4. A solid line-up, but one which will keep evolving in the next few months. And with no daylight saving in WA, it is possible that programs such as Four Corners and Foreign Correspondent will be shown first on ABC News 24 then on ABC1.

  5. Hopefully The Drum won’t be blatantly one-sided opinion as it is on the internet, and I think ABC News 24 should consider some sort of comedy or light-hearted news show as well.

  6. They should air repeats of all state editions of the news at late night. Give us BBC world news durin the day (not in the early hours of the morning).

    2 suggestions:
    – An abc equivilent to ‘The Morning Show’ (just for laughs because with out informercials it’ll finish after about 15 minutes)
    -An abc competitor to the 7pm project, possibly aired at another time though
    -Repeats of CNNNN

  7. This is probably insignificant but…on page 1, paragraph 5, of the “ABC News 24: Program Guide: Weeks 30 & 31”, it reads: ‘ABC correspondents preparing for the launch night special include…and from Asia, Stephen O’Donnell and Sally Sara.’
    Shouldn’t that be Stephen McDonnell (the ABC’s China Correspondent) not Stephen O’Donnell?

  8. @Rod
    Makes sense to leave News Breakfast on ABC2 as a repeat for those of us not living on the East coast – and once daylight savings times kicks in, those in Queensland will benefit too.

    1. ABC2 News Breakfast may well continue for some time on ABC2, until HD is more widely spread, plus we have to see what the new Channel Controller plans. BBC World is airing at a time pf day when European news is thriving, and at the same time picking up the slack while Australia sleeps.

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