ABC News 24 ratings

We'll get an idea of how ABC News 24 is tracking from next week.

If you’re wondering about ratings figures for ABC News 24, you’ll know where it’s sitting next Monday.

The channel will join OzTAM’s panel results from this Sunday.

As an HD only channel, and a channel with an “opt-in / opt-out” style of programming, they are likely to be humble figures.

Last week’s simultaneous launch pulled 608,000 in preliminary figures on ABC1.

Last night Media Watch targetted the channel as failing to cross to a live Tony Abbott press conference on Friday while SKY News did.

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  1. @tomothy, the clock is supered in for each time zone. Amazing that a network can actually care for its viewers for once. If you take a look at the schedule, Breakfast should start 30 mins early on 24…

  2. ABC News24 is now my most-watched channel….but….
    Tony Abbot wants to scrap the NBN. Did anyone see ABC News 24 trying to get the PM’s speech from somewhere in Brisbane this morning “Live via Broadband”? What a farce it turned into. An excellent example of the third-world quality of our Internet systems. CNN Hong Kong can get a report “live via Broadband” in broadcast-quality from Japan, Singapore and Shanghai but we can’t get it from somewhere in Brisbane.

  3. I didn’t see media watch but they should also have critised it for cutting off Bob Brown’s media conference a few minutes later.

    even though tony abbot is not “Earth shattering news” from a 24 hour news channel you expect to get fill and live coverage of events, especially speeches during an election campaign.

  4. I thought this channel was live accross Australia. I have it on now, and the time on the ticker at the bottom of the screen is the actual time in Adelaide, which is 1/2hr behind the eastern states.

  5. I thought the Media Watch segment was a bit of a stretch and a rather strange attempt to prove Media Watch’s independence from the rest of the ABC. I hardly think Tony Abbott’s press conf was Earth shattering news that required breaking into the regular schedule. 24/7 news doesn’t mean every little thing has to be live, it just means it is there when you want it. Truly big stories need to interrupt the regular schedule (disasters, war, massive scoops etc), but a mundane presser can wait as far as I am concerned. If that was their biggest mistake in the first 5 days then well done ABC News 24. It has quickly become my first channel when I switch on the TV.

  6. Love abcNEWS24. It’s easily my most watched Second digital channel, you can just tune in at any time you want, and pick up on most programmes easily. I like the talk-back style programmes, like the drum, but also the national news at 7pm, which directly competes with abc’s state based news.

    The only downside is, despite being on the HD channel, the quality of picture is… pretty poor. Surely they could have invested in in-studio HD cameras.

  7. My guess is The Drum does okay. Perhaps 50,000 or so across the top 5 markets. Perhaps some primetime newscasts get up to 65,000.
    I think News 24 would be pleased with numbers like that.
    Breakfast on ABC2 gets 20,000 or so.
    Sky News less than 30,000 in primetime.

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