ABC’s best LAID plans

A new black comedy created and written by Marieke Hardy & Kirsty Fisher undergoes a name and delivery change as production begins.

The ABC has announced production has commenced on LAID, a black comedy created and written by Marieke Hardy (First Tuesday Book Club, Packed to the Rafters) and Kirsty Fisher (Last Man Standing, Stingers).

Originally known as Like a Virgin, the six half-hour episodes follows a woman who faces an unenviable situation where men she has had sexual relationships with mysteriously begin dying off, one by one.

The cast features Alison Bell (I ROCK, pictured), Celia Pacquola (Spicks & Specks, Rove, The Librarians), Toby Truslove (Thank God You’re Here, Sleuth 101) and Abe Forsythe (Marking Time, Always Greener). The guest stars are impressive: Graeme Blundell, Tracy Mann, Judi Farr, Deborah Kennedy and Shaun Micallef.

The series is produced by Liz Watts (Animal Kingdom) for Porchlight Films and directed by Trent O’Donnell, (Review with Myles Barlow).

Marieke Hardy says “After a happy few years spent ham-fistedly critiquing the creative efforts of others, I could think of no better way to ruin my life than to lay my own work on the line for public scrutiny.”

ABC Head of Comedy, Debbie Lee says, “LAID is an unlikely, but very funny love story. Marieke and Kirsty have created some truly great characters and it is real testament that Liz and Trent are working on the series, not to mention the amazing cast.”

Liz Watts says, “Series television is a whole new world after Animal Kingdom – but luckily, we have brilliantly funny scripts, a hugely talented director and a shining cast and crew as we head down the road of a black comedy – something that we at Porchlight Films are delighted to be doing with ABC TV”.

The series will screen on ABC TV in 2011 despite Like a Virgin being promised for 2010.

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  1. I like Marieke Hardy’s work and notice she is a key writer on Packed to the Rafters this season. Although I’m unsure about the show’s title, my parents who are avid ABC viewers would not approve, nor watch it.

  2. @ DC – Yes Marieke Hardy is a quality writer. I loved Last Man Standing and bought the DVD to watch it over and over. There aren’t many shows worth buying but that show was brilliant.

    Looking forward to the series!

  3. Marieke Hardy is a quality writer…Last man Standing to which she wrote was exceptionally well writte, it was the production of the show that let it down.

    Like a Virgin is a much better title than Laid though, god knows why the changed it!?!? Laid is a horrible title!

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