Airdate: Australian Agenda

SKY News political commentator David Speers will front a new Sunday morning political show, Australian Agenda, from this weekend.

It will feature The Australian’s Paul Kelly, Dennis Shanahan and Peter van Onselen in a round-table discussion, political reporters and commentators from News Limited, part owner of the Foxtel platform.

SKY News Australia chief executive Angelos Frangopoulos said, “Up until now we have had Sunday Agenda and Sunday Business, but this tie-up with The Australian really takes us to another level.

“The brief is to play a leading role in the news cycle.”

Speers was deemed a big hit hosting last week’s ASTRA Awards after covering the Gillard challenge all day.

SKY is on its guard with the upcoming launch of ABC News 24 -now said to be delayed after last week’s political events showed up some flaws in the broadcaster’s ablity to follow breaking news.

The new show airs at 8.30am on SKY News Australia this Sunday.

Source: The Australian


  1. Robyn Godbehere

    News Limited, Foxtel and David Speers – what a combination. David, Julia is in talks with other countries and she does not have to give You deadlines fo the outcomes of these talks. The only good thing about your show today is that the nice guy comes across as very intelligent and you and your cronies come across as very very intellectually impaired. If the Labor Party gives a deadline for talks with East Timor, then you will conspire to snow the electorate that Julia backflipped. Wait for the results like the rest of us have to but I will point out that the more you creeps go on about it, the more Julia’s estimation goes up in the electorate and I don’t think your bosses want that do they? Robyn

  2. “Is a half hour show on the views of people from one newspaper really that much of a breakthrough investment?”

    They had “The Punch” show last year. Not sure how long it lasted – not long would be my guess.

    Should be interesting to see if the ABC channel radicalises Sky and they move further to the right, like Fox News. They’ll need a point of difference.

  3. Seriously? Australian Agenda?
    They really need to start thinking of some new names for their shows…
    Is a half hour show on the views of people from one newspaper really that much of a breakthrough investment?
    Sounds more like an infomercial to me…

  4. SKY NEWS really does now have the Best Political Team on Television. Anchored by David Speers, with Keiran Gilbert, Ashley Gillon, Peter van Onselen, David Lipson and Helen Daley they dominate political coverage and bring Australian’s news as it happens.

  5. Thank you for the heads up on this – i am turning more and more to Sky – really impressed with their presenters, guests and in depth reporting. It will be a fascinating few months (or more) for current affairs and news. David Speers and Kieran Gilbert are a more exuberant presence than crusty old Laurie Oakes and Paul Bongiorno.

  6. its good to see sky news investing in programs like this and not just the same straight forward 30mins of news on the hour, i hope they keep it up

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