Airdate: Gruen Nation, Yes We Canberra!

Big changes for Gruen Transfer, United States of Tara, At the Movies as Gruen Nation and The Chaser boys take over.

Amended: ABC1 has confirmed its new Wednesday line-up beginning July 28 in the run up to the Federal Election.

It will air as follows:
9pm Gruen Nation
9:45pm Yes We Canberra!
10:15pm Lateline.

The Gruen Transfer is now out of schedule, while there are currently no existing airdates for United States of Tara and At the Movies -they may yet be rescheduled.

In calling the election today, Julia Gillard used the phrases “moving forward” and “moving forward together” 22 times during her speech and 13 times during the follow-up questions (does anyone want to guess what the ALP slogan might be?).

So thanks Julia, we’re moving forward, getting stuck into Gruen Nation, which premieres on Wednesday, July 28, at 9pm.

Gruen Nation aims to be Australia’s bullshit detector. It will run an X-ray over the campaign, decoding and deconstructing the messages from all sides. Where other programs will focus on policies and personalities, Gruen will do what it does best: lift the lid on how we are sold.

For the first time during an Election, each week Wil Anderson, Todd Sampson, Russel Howcroft and guest panelists – political insiders and commentators – will examine the art and science of political persuasion. What works, what doesn’t. We’ll run a Gruen comb through this election, as well as previous Australian and overseas campaigns.

Wil Anderson said today; “Now the date has been named, I am preparing for the election by having a shot every time JG says ‘moving forward’. I hope to sober up in time for the first episode of Gruen Nation… ”

Gruen Nation, a series of four extra-length, extra strength, 45-minute specials, will begin on ABC1 on Wednesday July 28 at 9pm.

The Chaser has gone to the Governor-General and asked for her permission to go to air on July 28.

After constitutional lawyers told her she couldn’t stop it, she agreed.

Craig Reucassel admitted the team had been surprised by Gillard’s early election call.

“We haven’t even had time to choose a Chaser candidate for Lindsay,” he said. “Although while we aren’t ready to do a show, we are ready to govern.”

Yes We Canberra! will air on ABC1 at 9.45 on Wednesday, July 28 after Gruen Nation. There will be four shows before the election and one after the poll.

“We are not looking forward, we are not looking forward, we are not looking forward to this election,” said Executive Producer Julian Morrow.

Chas Licciardello said this election offered Australians a clear choice.

“People are sick of the kind of political stunts we saw Laurie Oakes pull at the National Press Club. They want the kind of considered, well-informed commentary only The Chaser can offer,” he said.

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  1. fantastic, the only thing to save us from the election nightmare. Already can’t bear the pointless repetitive say-nothing coverage and it’s just one day in. Thank goodness the Chaser-hating wowsers didn’t prevail in keeping them off-screen. Welcome back, boys!

  2. At the Movies is repeated every Saturday at 6pm on ABC2 and every Sunday at 6pm on ABC1. Maybe it will now be shown first on ABC2 then on ABC1? As for United States of Tara, it may be moved to either Tuesdays or Thursdays.

  3. I thought this Gruen Nation and Yes We were one off specials so now Transfer, Tara and Movie are out indefinately?????? Grrrrr.

    Why is a show about advertising giving a crack and election related programming anyway.

  4. Sorry this is the dumbest thing ABC has done for a very long time. The Chaser was not quality. I am surprised after last season they were allowed back into the ABC. I dont care if it rates put them on another night or even a saturday night.

  5. Beginning this week would make it Wednesday July 21st not 28th. I also think United States of Tara or At The Movies would follow Yes We Canberra! as 10:15pm is a little early for Lateline, unless the name is being changed to Earlyline.

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