Airdate: Hawke

The Hawke telemovie, starring Richard Roxburgh, will air at 8:30pm Sunday July 18th on TEN.

The bio-pic wins a glowing review from Colin Vickery in today’s Herald Sun, describing it as “the best Aussie drama in a decade.”

That’s a big call.

“The scenes between Bob and Hazel are quietly devastating,” he notes.

“It is a credit to the makers of Hawke that Australian viewers will have so many mixed emotions about our former prime minister. By turn, Hawke is caring, arrogant, visionary, boorish, emotional, loving, calculating and more.

Hawke is a major achievement. Don’t miss it.”

Sounds like a winner -can it top The Dismissal?


  1. Keating is played by Felix Williamson, son of legendary playwright David Williamson. An irony there, the writer has a lean towards the Labor party. Still not sure if Roxburgh and co will be able to pull off the portrayals of such vivid and well known figures. My prediction is it will do a million viewers, but little more.
    Happy, however to stand corrected on that.

  2. The ads look good. And Roxburgh seems to lift anything he’s in, he’s got that “it” factor.

    I do wish they’d stop putting all the good stuff on Sunday nights though! What about all the rubbish nights all through the week? Saturday? Friday?

  3. I’m really looking forward to this, it seems really interesting and since i wasnt old enough during that time i dont understand what happened exactly and this will be great to see and learn

  4. I noticed Keating is being played by the guy who does those Comm Bank ads (the ones where they turn down the ideas of the American ad people). Kind of apt given he was a driving force behind the deregulation of Australia’s banking industry.

  5. Best Aussie Drama in a Decade, what about Curtin starring William McInnes as John Curtin, that won a Silver Logie in 2008 and William McInnes was nominated for a Silver Logie as well.

  6. Will have to be Very good to be better then The Dismissal which is one of our finest mini series.
    Still it looks very good and I’ll be watching for sure.

  7. TT says:
    July 2, 2010 at 1:24 pm
    Looking forward to this. So it looks like The Good Wife and House will be bumped that week

    I think there are only 2 eps of House left so this will be on the week after

  8. House will be finished by then, it’s finale airs Sunday July 11th. The good wife on the other hand will have 2 episodes left still to air.

  9. Guess thats House out for a weekend. Given that it wont have a strong competition on the night, it should rate well. Ill be watching it for sure.

  10. I’ll be watching. As for the claim that it’s the best Aussie drama in a decade? – I really don’t believe anything from the Herald Sun.

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