Airdate: Offspring

The stars of Offspring joined producers and network executives at Crown Metropol in Melbourne last night for the launch of the new TEN drama.

In attendance were Asher Keddie, John Waters, Don Hany, Deborah Mailman, Linda Cropper, Kat Stewart, Eddie Perfect and Richard Davies, joined by many of the nation’s media.

TEN Drama executive Rick Maier told the crowd, “We are very fortunate to have this show. Those of you who have seen the telemovie will know it’s just outstanding work all round. There are a lot of people to thank for that particularly Beverley McGarvey and David Mott, they commissioned the series. Also the key creators of the show, Debra Oswald, an award winning writer who is famous for the line now ‘The neck, the neck, I need to kiss the neck. I want to have sex with this man!’

“If you wrote your dream team now this would be it. It’s a compliment to the production staff, the writing staff and the directors we have, that this cast said ‘Yes’ to this show. Believe me they get knocked off their stand with offers of work.

“I think I counted up 48 AFI Awards and 92 Logies and that was John Waters by himself.”

Maier also thanked John Edwards, Imogen Banks, Kate Dennis, Southern Star, Film Victoria, Claire Tonkin and Daniel Monaghan plus marketing and publicity teams. He also acknowledged TEN’s promotion team which recently won a Gold Promax Award in the US.

John Edwards also told a tale of how writer Debra Oswald asked her kids how she could create a relationship show that men would want to watch.

“And one of the kids said, ‘Put explosions in it. Blow shit up.’ So that became the show!” he said.

“This has been a ‘blast’, huge fun and a great joy to make.”

Edwards also acknowledged director Kate Dennis and his producing partner Imogen Banks (Dangerous, Tangle).

“Many of the cast signed up without seeing the script,” Banks explained. “It was just conversations at the pub.

“Not only our core cast, but we were incredibly lucky with our guest cast, many of whom are here tonight.”

TEN’s Angela Bishop hosted the evening, which also featured a music performance by Eddie Perfect.

The show premieres at 8:30pm Sunday August 15th in a 2 hour telemovie.


  1. I really really hope it gets a recond season! I loved this show and Don Hany wasn’t a turn-off either. So much better then shows like Neighbours and it is Australian! Nice change to American movies and TV Shows flooding the media. Great cast, great show. I am in no-Offspring-at-the-moment-related depression. Only survived when I got the first season for Christmas! Thank Goodness for re-runs!!!!!

  2. @ Stephen – Who cares if they dont look like sisters. They’re both Awesome actresses!! A lot of siblings don’t look anything alike, id rather great actresses than look alikes who are horrible.

  3. Like most Aussie shows thy seem to get bagged before they start and once they air. I hope it does well, i will tune in to the premiere to see how it goes! Some of the cast I admire and have enjoyed their performances before. I too wonder how long it will last, but we shall see. Networks have given aussie shows a good airing and attempt lately, lets home this new show in whatever format resonates with viewers…

    Congrats on another Aussie Drama!

  4. @word – yes I get that. The point i was trying to make is that its not an action/relationship drama like that comment in the article may suggest to some people! Not explosions and action in every episode, so no…no words needing to be eaten by me

  5. @DC
    Um, you may eat your words. A strange looking bird told me some s**t is blown up in a light, humorous, Ally McBeal kind of way.

    If you’d read the telemovie script you’d know that…..

  6. @ Trix…..the show doesnt have explosions in it. Its more like drawings appear on screen sometimes indicating her thoughts….done in a funny sort of manner…not meant like action based explosions, its one of the narrative devices used.

    I havent seen any of it, but I know this as I have read the telemovie script.

  7. Congratulations to Ten for taking another risk on a new and different style of Australian drama. We’ve been getting these great dramas on Foxtel for a few years – I wonder what effect having them on FTA will do to the propensity for Nine and Seven to re-commission existing series, rather than try something else?

  8. This just looks like yet another dud from ten’s drama slate, can’t they make something decent that will appeal to everyone for a change?

  9. @ .Stephen, I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole show dies in the 1st episode.
    A relationship show with explosions? Sounds like Rush meets Secret Life and ends with a bang

  10. All have plenty of experience in working in continuing drama , the show is not set in a police station or based on detectives .2 things that already make it look excellent !!
    Will someone die in the first episode ? we will have to wait and see how different / predictable the beginning of this series is . I believe in it .

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