Airdate: Same Sex America

This might be one for Julia Gillard?

Bio Channel screens the 2006 film Same Sex America, which weaves the stories of seven gay and lesbian couples on their emotional journey to the altar.

This was awarded Outstanding Documentary at the GLAAD Media Awards.

Variety said of thefilm: “One of several recent documentaries about the controversial gay-marriage issue, Henry Corra’s “Same Sex America” sets a standard that will be hard to match. Focusing on the fight over legalized same-sex wedlock in Massachusetts, docu captures a fuller range of opinions and a stronger sense of national significance than did “The Pursuit of Equality,” which chronicled similar events in San Francisco. Human interest, breaking news aspects, political maneuvers and high emotion are all deftly juggled in a first-rate package that merits wide fest and broadcast exposure.”

It airs Wednesday, July 14, at 9.30pm on Bio.


  1. [email protected] another propaganda film. Also. A big lol @ all the people, who are confused and dumb founded about gillard being against gay marriage and also a atheist. This must go against everything they have been indoctrinated about regarding, Christians being the only ones against gay marriage.

  2. friendlycroc

    Finally! This was scheduled for December 2009, but was not shown. I’ve been waiting for it to reappear. I’m really looking forward to this!

    Thank you, David, for bringing this to our attention. I flicked through the July Foxtel mag but didn’t find it. 🙂

  3. Julia isn’t a lesbian – she’s not religious but strangely supports Kevin Rudd’s no same-sex marriage policy for Australia – How backwards is our country??

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