Auditions: Don’t Stop Believing

As revealed exclusively by TV Tonight, TEN has formally announced Don’t Stop Believing this week as its new entertainment format for 2011.

To be produced by Shine Australia, it combines singing and dancing with people of “all ages” (presumably there is a minimum age) who will compete in weekly heats. The music will include stage, screen and pop music from Lady GaGa to Madonna, from The Beatles to the Black Eyed Peas, High School Musical and Hairspray.

Each heat will produce a winning group that will progress to the finals and ultimately battle it out to be crowned the series champions.

The show promises “Dazzling musical arrangements, a multi platform stage, a state of the art lighting rig, professional vocal coaches and the most innovative, creative minds working in pop, TV, film and musical theatre will all combine to create killer, must-see performances.”

TEN adds, “The jewel in the Don’t Stop Believing crown will be the resident ‘Don’t Stop Believing Super Group’ made up of 12 of Australia’s hottest young professional singers and dancers who will lead the show each week with performances that will inspire and amaze audiences at home. This Super Group will be like nothing we have ever seen before on Australian television and a pre show launch will secure them as household names even before the first performance show airs.”

David Mott, Chief Programming Officer said: “Don’t Stop Believing is a joyous format and a perfect fit for the big entertainment, feel good direction TEN has been heading for the last few years.

“We have had incredible success in identifying and airing excellent high impact performance shows and this is
bigger and better than any we have ever undertaken.

“Australians have proven time and again that we are an extremely talented country in so many areas, and we
expect to discover musical groups and individuals who have come from the most surprising places.”

Audition information will be posted at

The UK original series (pictured) inspired by Glee, is to be hosted by Emma Bunton and about to launch on FIVE.


  1. @gerry
    Thought Nat was pregnant and presumably for the next year would be taking care of the baby so wouldn’t be working.
    Maybe SYTYCD can take a little time to get some good choreographers, replace the judges and reboot it as it has gotten a little tired.
    This reality show sounds promising, i’m hoping there won’t be terrible judges like Idol had.

  2. I bet Journey never knew how many people would make money out of their song.

    Steve Perry was the only one who could have sung that song, so bell-like and note-perfect. The original version is still the best.

  3. Does that mean that So You Think You Can Dance is officially out of the 2011 schedule? If so, will Nat Bass be hosting this Don’t Stop Believing? This may be a success (thanks to Glee), or it may be a total flop. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  4. oh how original…another music competition show …NOT !!!!! as usual, the lack of creative executives in the au tv industry means they get to schlep more crappy tv on the airwaves…they wont take a risk with new production ventures, instead, buy a format, import a concept or just replace the vo….typical news limited ( the parent company of shine)

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