“Australia: 8 Years without a Backpacker Murder”

Forget about shrimps on the barbies, or “There’s Nothing Like Australia”….

If you had been watching The Early Show on CBS this week you could have been mistaken for thinking we plug our nation via much bolder slogans.

“Australia: 8 Years without a Backpacker Murder” blazed a handmade sign behind former Amazing Race player Jeff Schroeder being interviewed at CBS Plaza.

Another sign said, “Mel Gibson: Born in the USA.”

The culprit behind them was none other than Dan Ilic (Hungry Beast) who decided to get creative for the “Australia Day” theme the show was conducting (in July, no less) because Tourism Australia’s Regional General Manager, Daryl Hudson, was interviewed on “What’s New Down Under”.

Ilic, who was also behind that notorious Freeview parody, says he knows a thing or two about getting your message out there, so he decided to have a bit of fun while enjoying a holiday in the US. He was joined by Melbourne comedian Kelly Fastuca.

There are more signs you can check out on his blog


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