Bumped: Australia Versus, The Apprentice

Seven has reacted swiftly to the dismal reception for Australia Versus, moving it to 10:30pm after just one week.

Well that didn’t take long…

Seven has reacted swiftly to the dismal reception for Australia Versus, moving it to 10:30pm after just one week.

In TV terms for a new local production, that is the equivalent of giving up any hope.

The show hosted by Tim Ross managed just 623,000 viewers on Tuesday night, despite the whopping lead-in of 1.8m viewers from Packed to the Rafters.

Yesterday some media were even asking if it was the “worst show ever.”

In its place Seven will play new episodes of Ghost Whisperer from next week.

The Apprentice (UK) will move to 11:30pm as a result.

Seven’s light entertainment year has been dogged by misfiring new formats with The White Room and The Bounce both removed off air.

In the case of Australia Versus, the show is produced by FremantleMedia Australia -but still Seven couldn’t find success.

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  1. They should go back to the drawing board for some original comedy.Not everybody want’s to see a My Two Dads/My Two Wives or A two and a half men clone or those 20 to 1 type things either.Years Ago Seven did rather well with the Ghost Whisperer/Airline USA offerings on a Tuesday Night.

  2. I am happy that new Ghost Whisperer is back but agree with other posts looking forward to Parenthood a Lauren Graham fan and Gilmore Girl tragic. I am sure Ghost Whisperer will be moved about six times and then maybe Parenthood will slot in.

  3. @ jimmy: The advertisers deserve the low ratings as much as Seven does- they took the risk along with channel 7, and as with all risks, you have to be prepared for them to flop and not try and place the blame on the entity you have taken risk in. If, in an alternate universe, Australia Vs had been a mega hit, I’m sure seven would not have asked the advertisers to give them more money for that week because the show went better than expected.

  4. I thought it was funny when I saw the commercials for this show that it had even managed to make it on air.

    Apparently they hadn’t learnt from TV Burp what horrendous TV was.

  5. Heads wont roll. As I’ve observed before there is something seriously dysfunctional at Seven at present and the results are speaking loudly – primary channel 3rd, demos skewing too old to matter. They’ve got Rafters this year, but everyone knows Rebecca is not doing another season. What’s going to happen next year? Save us from CH5!

  6. Maybe this sort of cheap television (which should be pulled before it takes the network down) and it’s complete failure may push for better programming, with a numbers drop so high, heads in managment should roll for this.

    I am shocked advertisers have not requested ad placement be rerun with a better show as an apology for the content preceeding their Ads.

    I expect the number drop to continue until the network sees the hole in their ship this show represents. Unless they expect the audience to watch the train wreck just to bag it around friends.

    Freemantle is only the production company who was the network person so completely out of touch to accept this production? Or maybe channel 7 desires to look like American basic cable?

  7. @nathan. when has seven ever listened to the tv viewing public when they asked them to change things

    i wasn’t surprised when this flopped. well when you have peter helliar and merrick and rosso on the show. it will always fail

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