Bumped: United States of Tara, At the Movies

MasterChef wouldn’t move for Gillard and Abbott, but Margaret and David have to make way for The Chaser. And Tara will be rested for the entire election campaign.

That’s the shakedown for ABC1 Wednesdays as from next week.

Gruen Nation at 9pm will run for 45 minutes before Yes We Canberra! at 9:45pm.

At the Movies will be annoyingly moved around the schedule for the next few weeks.

Here are times for the first-run episodes:
Ep 25 – Tue July 27 at 10.05pm
Ep 26 – Sun, August 8 at 6pm
Ep 27 – Tue August 10, at 10.05pm
Ep 28 – Tue August 17 at 10.05pm
Ep 29 – Wed August 25 at 10pm
Ep 30 – Wed Sept 1 at 9.55pm

Even more disappointing is that United States Of Tara is out altogether, scheduled to re-commence on September 1st at 9.30pm.


  1. (Bump)

    Hello David – with ATM being bounced around the schedule, would you be able to post the details of what films are being reviewed in these episodes? I know this is something you do occasionally – it would be extra helpful in this instance. TIA.

  2. This is exactly why people resort to watching there favorite shows by “any other means”. I am keen to see the ratings when Tara resumes Sept 1. Surely a half hour show would not be too much of a “distraction” to all the guff about the election.

  3. Secret Squïrrel

    While I don’t want to wait until Sep for more Tara, it’s preferable to having it moved all over the place like with AtM. I’m guessing that its popularity is why the ABC prefers to show it on their analogue channel, rather than ABC2, which is where the first series premiered. Showing it on ABC1 during the election run-up would have required kicking something else out of schedule, thus only moving the problem. The lesser of two evils perhaps?

  4. Not a Tara watcher, so I’d consider that the fate of the nation is a wee bit more important than Tara or At The Movies.

    Anyhow, if you miss ATM you can watch on iView I’d imagine?

  5. I’ve gone ahead and just watched the entire season of Tara from, er…other sources…but I know the suspense would be killing me if I had to wait til Sept 1 mid season. I agree that they should have moved it to another night at least.

  6. This is just pathetic!!! Surely they could find a spot for Tara. I would expect this sort of treatment on Seven or Nine, not on ABC! How am I meant to remember the ongoing plots five weeks from now? This smells like a ratings grab by ABC.

    You could also tell that David and Maragret weren’t too happy with their constant moving around, nor should they be!

    Very upset ABC….

  7. I was shocked when at the end of last nights awesome ep (as usual) of Tara, the announcer bloke said it wouldn’t return till September 1. And now they go and treat Dave and Margaret like this…I am shocked, shocked to the core! I rate that no stars!

  8. Nooooo I can’t wait till Sept for Tara….. that truely sux!

    I will watch Chaser though, but should of moved Tara to another night instead of making us wait.

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