But doesn’t Guy Sebastian have The X Factor?

Seven’s new promo for The X Factor, which talks about the “one in a million” chance of finding someone with star quality, has Kyle Sandilands, Ronan Keating, Natalie Imbruglia and Matthew Newton.

But where is Guy Sebastian?

He is nowhere to be seen.

Hopefully this isn’t a sign of what’s to come.

Meanwhile, media and marketing website Mumbrella noticed some similarities between the “Evolution”-style promo from Seven and a bronze Film Lion-winning piece by DDB France.

After that Rescue Special Ops copycat promo, is Seven borrowing ideas now too?


  1. I have just watched and listened to the new talent, Jessika Samarges, she is fantastic. I would be shocked to think Guy overlooked her maybe he should get some glasses take his ear muffs off and re view again !!!! The girl has talent!

  2. I was actually there at the Brisbane X-factor auditions and it was lots of fun seeing how a tv show is put together. Between filming, Guy Sebastian was funny and charming and was very popular as he interacted with the audience. The chemistry between the judges is very funny as they do not always agree on who should stay or go – I had a great day and cant wait for x-factor to come on telly.

  3. i was at the brisbane shows and i think the opposite. guy gave some great feedback, very positive..natalie and ronan were duds (and I happen to like both)

  4. a smoking ad? farout all that amazing effort and its for a quit smoking ad.. needs to be a bit more gruesome to have any affect

    What was the Rescue Special ops copy cat ad?

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