Chaser says Yes We Canberra!

Really? The Chaser's election series reckons it will see them as warm-up guys for the ABC's current affairs flagship Lateline.

The Chaser team’s upcoming Election show is called Yes We Canberra!

The all-new format apparently showcases The Chaser in their current occupation – as warm-up guys for the network’s current affairs flagship Lateline. Or it’s just a red-herring, which is often their style…

“Most people don’t know that Lateline is filmed in front of a live studio audience,” said executive producer Julian Morrow.

“That’s the problem – they’re terribly quiet. So the ABC hired us to rev them up a bit. Hopefully, we can help Tony (Jones) and Leigh (Sales) receive the wild applause, hollers and whoops they deserve.”

The fictional setting of the Lateline warm-up is a departure from the Chaser’s previous election special, The Chaser Decides, which was set in the national tallyroom.

“Just because they’re doing the warm-up, doesn’t mean they can speak for the show,” said Lateline presenter Leigh Sales. “But I think adding The Chaser to the Lateline team will give us a gravitas we’ve been lacking to date.”

“We wanted the name of the show to be Ratf#*ked 2010,” Chris Taylor explained, “but apparently that’s what the ABC’s main coverage is going to be called”.

“Our next preference for a title was Andrew, Chris, Chas, Craig & Jules’ Election Fever but I think there was a legal problem with that too.”

ABC has even named a timeslot for the show, without the election being announced. Yes We Canberra! will air on ABC1 on Wednesday nights at 9:45pm for 4 weeks before the election, with an election wrap-up the Wednesday after the poll.

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  1. Rather than run over 4 weeks before the election, they should be prepared to air as soon as the poll is called – in case we have a 5 or 6 week campaign. There’ll be a lot of momentum if a poll is called on Sunday and they can go to air the following Wednesday.

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