Courtney spiced from MasterChef

29 year old Sydney chef Courtney Roulston is the latest contestant to be eliminated from MasterChef Australia.

Roulston’s dahl was deemed the weakest of the dishes to be served up to the judges.

Tonight’s Mystery Box required contestants to cook both a savoury and sweet dish, from ingredients chosen by Monday night’s winner, Jimmy.

Nobody was surprised when he selected plenty of spicy ingredients for his teammates to work with and no meat or fish: chickpea flour, chilli, tomatoes, garam masala and curry powder.

“There’s no way to leave this show unless it’s covered in gold and glitter,” said a  tearful Roulston.

“I outcooked 19 others in the comeptition so that’s not a bad effort.”

Roulston is hoping to open a small catering company.

“Hopefully a few doors will open and who knows where they will lead to.”

Two more contestants will be jettisoned from the show on Wednesday and Thursday.


  1. clair clair clair…boo hoo…im and sick of this woman….looks like she may be in trouble what does she do…cry like a baby before the tatsing ensuring her survival…the 3 judges fell for it…i cant stand her…i was screaming abuse at the wimp….boo hoo

  2. Guanolad-I agree..very smug. I wanted to slap the smarmy grin off his face. Especially when he had an epic fail after choosing all those ingredients. He should have romped in as the top dish

  3. The daily telegraph has daily live chats with eliminated contestants. Yesterday after Alvins live chat it had a link to “tomorrow we chat to Courtney at 12pm” is that a giveaway long before the show aired? was not happy

  4. With Marion gone, none of the remaining 4 seem like commercial prospects which I am certain gave Julie Goodwin the nod last year with all that home cooking. Adam (the probable winner) and the very smug Jimmy may be good for books, but I can’t see them getting a TV series. Claire would be hopeless on TV and Callum is certainly not the next Jamie Oliver!

  5. I’m wth other posters wondering why didn’t we get to see Courtney’s homecoming ? I liked her, she was gutsy.
    IMHO, Adam to win Claire runner up.

  6. An interesting idea would be a Masterchef Alumnii show – marking which contestants went off to do their thing, who succeeded and who failed – and why. To perhaps have the judges go to their businesses and kitchens to see what they’re doing and offer constructive criticism and advice on how they can improve !

  7. “I outcooked 19 others in the comeptition so that’s not a bad effort.” Eliminated early, re-instated late. Didn’t deserve to be there. Jimmy, you’re next… Adam to win!

  8. Mr. chandler

    another complete rubbish judgement on this show. the count is about 500 so far. courtney served up a better dish than claire and still got booted. absolute rubbish

    and jimmy nearly stuffed up again on the dish he picked. why is he still in the contest

  9. The first time I saw Claire, in the very first episode, I said “Hope she wins.” I’m surprised I may have been right. But I think Adam is the likely winner. He seems to be the most confident in the kitchen of them all.

    I would be stunned if Callum won. And disappointed if Jimmy won; he was rather too smug tonight.

  10. Sad to see Courtney go. Claire serves up something that looks like porridge, and gets to hang around. What crap. It was a shame not to see her homecoming!

  11. snapper jack

    first alvin then courtney? gay conspiracy!!! me and the queer sisters had a Team Courtney and Alvin going. very disappointing. kurry king a dopey fool and can’t believe he still there. Going for Adam now. Prob shouldn’t say anything as it seems I am the kiss of death!

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