East West 101 replay out

SBS has abandoned plans to replay East West 101 at 8:30pm Wednesdays from July 21.

The timeslot would have put it against City Homicide. There is also some speculation TEN could be putting Offspring into the same slot, but this isn’t confirmed. It’s also the night Kylie appears on a mid-season finale of Hey Hey.

It will be replaced by the series Unexplained.

No replacement timeslot has been announced.

SBS has been keen for the show to attract a new audience after scheduling it against Packed to the Rafters.


  1. maybe they should hold off until after the master chef juggernaut. I’d be very keen to get into this show. Put it up against ncis repeats.

  2. Glad I kept the series on my PVR, now that SBS keep changing their mind. They said they were going to replay it last Summer too.

    Why would Ten put Offspring on Wednesday when they will have new Lie To Me episodes available until the end of the year? I thought Sunday would be the logical choice for Offspring. Ah logic with TV programming, that never happens.

  3. This may seem like a crazy idea but what about Sunday 8.30pm. I think it could do quite well against CSI and repeat episodes of Bones.

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