Gruen Nation to tackle Election

A spin-off of The Gruen Transfer will take on the upcoming Federal Election campaign and rifle through its advertising techniques.

Gruen Nation will be a 45-minute ABC programme to be broadcast during the campaign with political insiders and campaign veterans hosted by Wil Anderson.

“If the ABC is the national broadcaster, then Gruen Nation is the national bullshit detector,” Anderson says.

“An election campaign is about show business. But while everyone else will be busy discussing the business, at Gruen Nation we’re only interested in the show,” Producer Jon Casimir added.

Meanwhile ABC News 24 is hoping to be on air in time for the election, but ABC hasn’t been specific about a launch aside from “mid-year” which it insists is pretty flexible. Recent political events raised some questions about whether the channel was armed to tackle breaking news, and triggered a re-think.

The Australian takes aim at the broadcaster’s plans in several references today, while News Limited clearly has a vested interest in Sky News.

Source: Daily Telegraph, The Australian


  1. I thought there was going to be The Election Chaser on ABC? I guess there can be two shows though. Election Chaser is more of a stunt/comedy show and Gruen Nation is more of a panel show.

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