Kylie wows Dancing with the Stars

What Debate? What Grand Final? It was a veritable party at Channel Seven when Kylie took to centrestage.

She may have been singing in direct competition with the biggest show of the TV year, but the intimate audience at Dancing with the Stars couldn’t care less -they had Kylie live.

Kylie’s performance of “All the Lovers” had the audience on its feet from start to end on the Seven variety show. It was a veritable party as she took centrestage in a simple but effective solo production number and the crowd clapped and danced in the aisles.

Amongst them were Minogue’s parents, Kris Smith plus Hugh Sheridan,  Zoe Ventoura, Kylie Gillies and former contestant Blair McDonough.

Minogue, who flattered her hosts “Dashing Dan” and “Sexy Sonia,” didn’t sing until all the couples had completed their routines. Seven did saved the best until MasterChef: The Winner Announced was in direct competition, although original plans had been bumped by The Great Debate.

The show eliminated country singer Melinda Schneider.

TV Tonight hears Minogue didn’t stick around long after her number, although new dad Kris Smith did.

UPDATE: To be repeated 2:30pm Saturday.

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  1. I enjoyed the number, quite catchy. Will buy the cd after seeing Kylie on Hey, and DWTS. I’m one of the few Ausies that has no interest in Masterchef, so I watched DWTS in full. Question: What is Kylies link to Chong Lim? She kissed him when she arrived on set.

  2. i don’t think it was an economical effort at all. i think they went all out with the set for this definately much better than heyhey’s effort. but yes dancers would have been nice they seem to have them for most other performers especially for a dancing show. but i guess with the dry ice would have been problematic.

  3. Maybe her performance was pre-recorded? Looked as if it needed the entire stage and band area to accommodate it. Wasn’t even sure if it was live vocal. Hey Hey perf sounded more ‘live’ to my ears. Having no dancers or musos in shot made it seem a bit odd – but entertaining nonetheless. She seems much more comfortable in her own skin these days – dropping that ‘faux’ British accent that used to accompany her. Watch her singles and album sales soar for a while.

    1. I checked. It was live, and played with the band (who was so convincing I thought it was a track). There were recorded backing vocals live mixed into the live band (with even more live backing vocals) but that’s it. Basically she sang live throughout, accompanied by her own BVs in the chorus.

  4. The homemade-looking set design was certainly … economical (I know it’s supposed to be based on the album cover, but come on). Kylie would have been better singing the new single “Get Outta My Way” seeing as “All The Lovers” has been her biggest flop is recent memory.

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