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For a minute there it looked like Madonna might be making another Letterman appearance.

For a minute there it looked like Madonna might be making another Letterman appearance, but on closer inspection this appears to be a repeat of her appearance last September.

Usually this means Letterman is having the week off in the US and CBS is repeating episodes.

Here is where they will be replayed by TEN in Australia at 11:15pm.

Mon Aug 2
Singer Madonna; musical guest Harry Connick Jr.

Tue Aug 3
Actor Will Ferrell; musical guests Nas & Damian Marley

Wed Aug 4
Actor Michael Cera; musical guest Herbie Hancock

Thu Aug 5
Actress Julia Roberts; musical guests The Dead Weather

Fri Aug 6 (12:30am)
Actor Mark Wahlberg; musical guests VV Brown

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  1. Letterman used to film two shows on a Thursday – the Thursday night show in the afternoon, then the Friday night show in the early evening. He must have decided not to bother with the second show any more, but I can’t really understand why – it’s not as though he gets an extra day off now.

  2. Hi there.

    It should only be the “Friday” episodes (Monday for us in Australia) that are repeats at the moment, the rest are brand new.

    A good site to keep track of what eps are coming up is: interbridge.com/lineups.html

    This site lists the guests for North American audiences, so for us, Monday eps are shown Tuesday nights, Tuesday eps on Wednesday nights, etc., with Friday eps shown the following Monday night.



  3. You say “usually this means he’s having a week off”… Is he having a week off, or are TEN beginning to get slack now that competition from Foxtel is no longer? (btw @Foxtel, I’m cancelling for this reason amongst other poor programming ones)

  4. David Letterman has been having Friday off of last, Last week (Monday our time) was a re-run, this week its the one with Paul McCartney from about 1 year ago.

    The rest of the week is new shows from the info I’ve got. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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