Marion Grasby on GNW

She is already so popular, former MasterChef contestant Marion Grasby is set to make an appearance on Good News Week.

Grasby joins guests Samuel Johnson, Tom Gleeson, Mike Kosta, and Justine Clarke on the TEN comedy show, 8:30pm Monday July 26th on TEN  (the night after the MasterChef finale).

Breakout star emerging….


  1. I love her, she’s great. I do agree that she’s too nice compared to the show’s regulars but she is pretty bubbly so we’ll see how she goes.

  2. RE Koverstreet: I agree. I reckon Marion’s contribution to the show will be restricted to that psychiatrist couch segment, which will probably be 5-10 minutes of MC crosspromotion disguised as Matt Preston jokes.

  3. Totally agree with you David – Marion is definitely an emerging star. TEN would be stupid not to sign her and find her a format. Otherwise they risk another network signing her like ABC did with Poh.

  4. I like Marion but i doubt she’s funny and i cringe at the thought of her telling jokes. Same goes with all the sports people they have on..just stick with comedians please!

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