NB: No spoiler warning for MasterChef evictees!

Just a note to advise readers that this week TV Tonight will be publishing stories on eliminated contestants as they are culled Monday – Sunday.

One contestant will be booted from the show on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday before the winner is announced on Sunday night.

Sunday night will include the winner announced as soon as it has aired.

In keeping with the “newsworthiness” of the show, TV Tonight will be logging these stories after they air AEST. News stories are also sent out via RSS and Twitter.

Similar stories will be appearing on News Limited, Fairfax, Twitter, internet forums and other media related sites.

If you have not aired the episode, or if you live outside of AEST, please adjust your use of this site accordingly. Names will be mentioned in headlines and there will be no Spoiler protections as the show will have aired. This site cannot attempt to log major television news and conceal information at the same time.

The rule of thumb is Aired =  Not a Spoiler.

To those who are already over the show, yes it will be a week full of MasterChef stories. Welcome to television 2010.


  1. Thanks for the reminder. The one time I had an issue was when one of your headlines turned up in twitter – something that hadn’t occurred to me, because obviously I knew better than to look at the website or RSS feed, I just got caught out because I constantly look at my twitter page. Needless to say you got unfriended! Nothing personal, of course.

  2. @Ryano-
    I highly doubt so, it probs will get over the 3 million mark but it wont beat its previous record because the remaining contestants arent that likeable and they dont have the big gunning skills like some former contestants i.e, Marion.

  3. Good on you David….it makes me Mad when people tape it to watch later then get annoyed that they came to a website and found out who left (instead of trawling the internet….watch the show!).

  4. Just a thought, the highest rating show in history (using the current 5 city ratings measure) is Tennis: Aus Open final – Hewitt v Safin 2005 (7) 4.04 million
    Wonder if MasterChef can beat that next Sunday for Ten?

    2009: MasterChef Australia – Winner Announced 2009 (10) 3.74 million

    Only need to find an extra 301K to be the King of TV ratings history.

  5. ha ha David, can we open a book on when you’ll get your first comment complaining about spoiling or the boringness of Masterchef, regardless?

    I leap onto your site for comment as soon as it’s finished, so yes please go for it!

  6. “To those who are already over the show, yes it will be a week full of MasterChef stories. Welcome to television 2010”

    Geez, i love you, David…… too funny.

  7. Agreed!
    I love this site and I love Masterchef. I was kept informed of the show when I was traveling overseas few weeks ago.
    It’s just silly when people log on to News website and whinge when they’re presented with up to date news.

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