Nine News: Election Coverage

Nine has already locked in its Election Night line-up, to be led by Laurie Oakes, who had the PM on the hop this week with his questions at the National Press Club.

The Election will take place on Saturday August 21st.

On election night 2010, as history is made, the Nine Network will give Australia the best results service on television, from the best team of journalists and commentators.

* Laurie Oakes, Lisa Wilkinson and Karl Stefanovic will lead Nine’s coverage Live from a new set in the tally room in the nation’s capital Canberra.

* Tracy Grimshaw will be reporting Livewith the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.

* Peter Overton will be Live with the Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott.

* Liz Hayes will host a Live election evening event with Australia’s top political brains and opinion formers.

* Ben Fordham – Campaign Confidential. From Monday Ben will be on the Today Show each weekday, reporting all the behind-the-scenes news from Canberra and the campaign. Ben will also be reporting on how social networking is affecting the campaign, and keep our viewers up-to-date minute by minute via Twitter and NineMSN.

Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson proved their political prowess with 8.5 hours of Live television earlier this month as the “Spillard” unfolded on national morning television. Karl drove to Canberra at 2am to report from Parliament House, whilst Lisa was in studio with a host of guests dissecting all the breaking coverage as it unfolded.

Laurie Oakes, with over 40 years of experience in Canberra, showed yet again as recently as Thursday why he’s the best political journalist in Australia, with his bombshell question to the Prime Minister at her first address to the National Press Club.


  1. Laurie has taken a dislike to Julia, but Laurie being part of the establisment that is to be expected- and he been given his orders; not to examine Tony to carefully-because he is a loose cannon.

  2. the abc leaves everyone for dead.

    ben fordham. what he is the rporter that will be chasing everyone into dunnies too try and get non exclusives for 9

  3. I miss not having sky news anymore. Its channel 7 for me. I like Mark Riley and I watch ch7 news and Sunrise anyway. I had a laugh watching Sunrise on Saturday and Simon Reeve said I don’t mean to be rude but can the PM just announce a date as I have to coach a under 9 team at 1.

    Anyway nine are going all out to promote Laurie.

    But I wish Roy and HG were back like they did years ago when they hosted a show on elcetion night. Very funny to watch.

  4. Laurie Oakes is a competent political cook. He exhibits finely-tuned knife skills. The dishes he prepares, however, do not cater to all modern and learned tastes. Some diners require a leavening of fact, as opposed to a heavy hand with the spice.

    As a contestant in MasterChef (political series) , Mr Oakes’ tenure would be brief, spectacular, but, ultimately, gory.

    As a political cook, Mr Oakes’ dishes are well-known and, in some quarters, respected. But, alas, the tabloid days of “Shock, horror, naked Vicar, probe. Exclusive!” are over. Or are they?

    Or, to paraphrase the creator of Yellow Journalism, W. R. Hearst: “Why chase a story when you can easily make one …”

    Or, to put it yet another way: Anyone even mildly interested in politics and its importance should avoid Channel 9. Politics is a subject best not left to celebrities, no matter how ancient.

    Best bet is to read the party policies – and vote accordingly. To you own conscience.

  5. Not really enjoying channel 9’s coverage. I get the distinct impression that Laurie Oakes strongly dislikes Julia Guilard and I don’t really like the pettiness of it all.

  6. @BM-dog: in 2007 Abc won the election night coverage by the Ray Martin/Laurie Oakes coverage on Nine was beaten by Sevens Mel/Kochie (by about 150,000)- but both were below a million.

    But Nine NEws is on a bit of a roll so far this year and Oakes really is the best in political reporting (and the promos have already started) so I would expect them to do reasonably well. Depends on wether Seven goes serious and hard hitting or fun and light with a bit of politics thrown in.

  7. Any news yet on whether Seven will be repeating its 2007 experiment of election night results as a Mel and Kochie vehicle? If memory serves it didn’t rate all too well at all, but with Seven trying to position itself as “Australia’s No. 1 News” (or whatever the slogan is) it would look pretty poor for them to just show movie reruns on election night.

  8. From what i have seen of the coverage thus far, Channel 9 would want to promote the issue(s)….. rather than the person who is covering the event. I know it was a big story to break and promote, you don’t necessarily need to get the point across that person x (in this case Laurie) was the man etc.

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