Nine photoshops Seven News pic

Time to play Spot the Difference.

This first photo is a pic of Seven News live broadcast centre at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney earlier this year.

The second photo is a pic promoting the Nine News live broadcast centre at Brisbane’s Ekka (otherwise known as the Brisbane Exhibition) to take place from August 6 – 14.

Notice anything similar?

TV Tonight hears the Nine photo has since been removed from the official Ekka site and can’t help but wonder why….

There’s even a security guy in the doorway working for Nine who is wearing a Seven t-shirt.

“Trust the Experience?” Ummmmm…….


  1. Hi David,

    Apologies if the word shonky sounded harsher than intended. And I appreciate that you do generally provide attribution.

    It just looks odd when there’s no attribution at all, especially when the story has appeared elsewhere. Even a ‘TV Tonight reader tip-off’ tag would get around similar issues in future.

    As an FYI, the Crikey article was published in their daily newsletter (so, approx Friday just after noon-ish).

    • Thanks Dan. If it appears earlier it just means they were faster. It doesn’t mean other players sourced from them, and in a news medium like this we will all be fighting over the same crumbs. I attribute with regularity when I genuinely source the news from other players. If the info is supplied to me I don’t make a habit of checking every other site unless I am considering using the word ‘Exclusive.’ If Crikey was an hour or two before me I still don’t need to attribute because I didn’t get it from them. I dare say there are times I have run something earlier than them, but again they don’t need to attribute to me if they received it via their own means.

  2. from what iam told it was a mock up that was never meant to get published on the website…it happens all the time (mockups that is )young David was right onto it…

  3. Hi David, shouldn’t there be some attribution for the article? The same story got a run in yesterdays Crikey newsletter.

    It’s possible that the same person tipped you both off, but from an outside view it looks a tad shonky.

    • Dan: My attribution on this site has always been integral, including with active links. There are plenty who take from here without attribution let alone an active link. I ran this story on Friday arvo via info that was supplied to me, so I didn’t take from anywhere including Crikey (I’ve certainly linked to them before when I have). If it was in a Saturday newsletter from Crikey then clearly I didn’t take from them, so sorry the shonky tag is a bit of a harsh call considering. I think if I had used the word Exclusive then fair enough, but again I didn’t.

  4. @Ron B BTQ hasn’t dont anything from the Ekka for at least 7 years … not sure where your info is coming from. Seven Sydney copied QTQ’s concept from last year.

  5. @Ron Burgandy: Actually TVQ in Brisbane came up with the concept in Brisbane.

    They showed off their temporary newsroom and studio at Expo ’88 in Brisbane in 1988 when Rob Readings and Chris Collins read the news and during their historic change over from Channel 0 to Channel 10. TVQ also had a temporary studio coming from the ‘Ekka for many years during the 1990’s. I believe BTQ also had a news studio set up in the 1980’s at the ‘Ekka as well.

  6. @Ron B

    BTQ7 has been apart of the ekka with their studio for at the last 25 years or more. QTQ9 has been second with OB’s andlive links to BTQ for the past last 40 yrs.

  7. Nine have done other dodgy photoshopping before. I once saw an ad for Nine News in Melbourne with a flyover of Flinders Street and the Channel 7 news ticker that used to be on top of Young & Jackson’s had the 7 logo covered over with the 9 logo.

  8. Secret Squïrrel

    That has to be some of the shoddiest work I’ve seen for awhile. The top of Nine’s “sign” isn’t even aligned with the top of the light gantry. They really have no clue when it comes to IT or tech.

    They are so last century: “Channel Nine – Number One in the Nineties.”

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