Not quite live Masterchef finale

Sunday week’s big night of television, the MasterChef finale will decide the winner for the series for 2010.

But it won’t be technically live.

The first 90 minutes “Finale Night” are already in the can.

The final 30 minutes “The Winner Announced” will be filmed on the day and put to air at 9pm.  This is to avoid media leaks of the winner ahead of the show.

There had been some speculation the announcement would be live to air, but TV Tonight understands it will now be “As Live.”

TEN’s Guides also give no indication of any “Live” element.

Meanwhile Nine is trying to offer an alternative with a repeat of its CSI crossover event with one storyline spanning across Las Vegas, Miami and New York.


  1. Anyone who loves all 3 of the CSI shows would have already seen the crossover at the beginning of the year, so why bother showing it again. Ch9 will loose badly on that sunday when Masterchef has it’s finale.

  2. According to Herald Sun, the last elimination challenge to air on July 22 was filmed in Canberra on July 1, so the final MasterClass and part one of the finale must have been filmed in the past two weeks. I believe The Winner Announced will be taped on the day to allow TV writers from various newspapers to write the story, and to allow the articles to be included in the first edition of Monday’s newspapers for rural areas (dailies like Herald Sun and The Age generally have a 9pm deadline for the first edition).

  3. Given the ratings the finale pulled last year, I’d be surprized if Seven and Nine didn’t schedule replays of shows and just concede the night to Ten.

  4. @ Blah Blah – Simple solution, don’t read the articles. There are plenty of MasterChef fans, me included, that enjoy reading the daily articles.

    It’s pretty straight forward, really!

  5. Nine is repeating their CSI crossover? They promoted the crap out of that thing the first time, “fast-tracked” it, gave it the 21 gun salute, it didn’t rate.

  6. blah blah blah Masterchef this Masterchef that. Can we just not have a new article on it everyday or have titles about it all the time. Argh its frustrating. I love the show but this is becoming over the top.

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