Out of the fire and into the fat

Day one “out” of the MasterChef bubble saw Adam and Callum on a media whirlwind of interviews to radio, print and television.

Both jetted to Melbourne for a live appearance on The 7PM Project (nice to see it wasn’t just the winner). But their schedule also got way behind and many promised interviews were missed and have to be rescheduled. For the biggest show in the country is it any surprise?

Both A Current Affair and Today Tonight led their programmes with a wrap of the finale. TT tried hard to get some dirt on the show, while ACA was a bit smarter and just got into the spirit of the thing -although it has tried before to go in harder.

Today The Age reports Adam Liaw will enjoy a placement at the prestigious Flower Drum in Melbourne and t Tetsuya’s Japanese restaurant in Sydney, work with restaurateur Neil Perry and work with Matt Preston on his writing.

It also says Liaw quit the show earlier when it became apparent he could not keep his job at Disney in Tokyo and would lose his Japanese visa, but then changed his mind two days later.

The Daily Telegraph reports that other contestants are already benefitting from offers and appearance fees of up to $15,000.

Marion Grasby was last week ‘paid handsomely’ by Hyundai to chaperone clients on a test drive to Palm Beach. Grasby Hann and Jimmy Seervai could also secure book deals, while Alvin Quah and Aaron Harvie had shown more TV/media potential, says one commentator.

The Herald Sun notes most of the titles that are being floated as rival shows, My Kitchen Rules, Conviction Kitchen, Celebrity Chef Live, an Aussie Iron Chef plus Home Cooked! with Julie Goodwin.

MasterChef is unlike anything else,” Programming Chief David Mott said. “There’s simply no other show on Australian television that commands such broad and consistently large audiences.”


  1. yeah masterchef junior will be great but i’ve seen trailers for masterchef usa and it really doesn’t look good, it feels just like hell’s kithen and lacks the vibrant family atmosphere of aussie masterchef. the NZ masterchef seems to be a clone of the aussie version though which is good to see so well done to the kiwis on that.

  2. Channel 7 has egg on their faces over Master Chef.

    They used to show the English version during the day, and had first opportunity at Masterchef, and once again stuffed up!!!!

  3. In the Herald Sun article you have quoted, it also mentions that Ten is bringing MasterChef USA (hosted by Gordon Ramsay) to Australian screens. While some of us may have the so-called “MasterChef withdrawal syndrome”, we need a good break before Junior MasterChef arrives in October.

  4. Mr. chandler

    7 and today tonight5s jealousy of this show is embarassing. get obver it why don’t you. you’re aren’t going too get the show or even be able to make a a copy of it. because you’re a rubbish network

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