Q & A: Camp Orange

Nickelodeon hosts Luke and Wyatt answer questions about the popular kid’s adventure series Camp Orange.

What are some of the highlights across this season?

Luke: Well we can’t give away too much but we can say that the Commando from The Biggest Loser will be making an appearance!

The show has been popular with kids before, what can we expect from you as new hosts?

Luke: Well I think two hosts are better than one! Nick has really mixed up the format this year, and we really get involved in the challenges and the camp spirit. We’re big kids ourselves so it’s been the ultimate hosting gig for us.

How does it differ from Escape from Scorpion Island on ABC1?

Camp Orange is all about fair play, friendships, and getting messy in the great outdoors. It’s not all about being competitive and winning, or saying anything negative about other players in the way that some reality shows do. The campers play with team spirit in mind so that they can win the ultimate prize of the title of “Champ Orange” – it’s like a best and fairest title. As the Commando would say, “it’s about getting plenty dirty without playing dirty!”

Plus, it’s the only show around where can a kid and their bestie get to have the outdoor adventure of a lifetime, play in the in the most awesome and wicked challenges and get drenched in slime without getting in trouble from mum for getting too dirty.

The cast seems very Anglo-Saxon. Did you not get a cross section of ethnic kids applying?

We know that Nick HQ was inundated with audition tapes for this series of Camp Orange – they came from all over Australia and everyone was so impressed with the creativity. Every audition tape that came through to Nick HQ was viewed carefully to find team combos that oozed dynamism and were true “NickHeads” – casting individuals would have been a lot easier than finding pairs! The teams they selected had the right mix of personality and Nick attitude, so that’s what got them through. Nick always aims to reflect the cultural diversity of our great country on air where possible – it’s a responsibility they take on with pride and great seriousness.

How did the kids enjoy their time on the show?

Luke: They were totally bouncing off the walls with excitement, and it kept going after cameras stopped rolling! Such an awesome bunch of kids.

Wyatt: Yeah, they were just so amped up! They knew what to expect from previous seasons, and treated it like a once in a lifetime opportunity. And they all were super supportive of each other too, and just ready to get into it.

Camp Orange: Castle Mountain airs Tuesdays at 5pm on Nickelodeon.

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  1. Michaela Talbot

    It is So white bread! it is impossible to believe that there are no kids from other than Anglo backgrounds that have right mix of “personality and Nick attitude”. They would never get away with doing this in the US where there has to be a mix of ethnicities in shows – why do they in Australia?

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