Red Faces, gay jokes, dancing poodles and Tony Abbott

There were dancing poodles, cute kids, elderly comedians and Kylie Minogue, but it was Opposition Leader Tony Abbott sitting beside openly gay Entourage star Rex Lee on Red Faces that seemed to encapsulated live television.

Abbott tried hard at being relaxed on the light entertainment show, constantly upstaged by the Hey Hey team with a phony “worm”, funny photos of him and cartoons from Andrew Fyfe. But what else would you expect when attending the show?

Some in the crowd booed his entrance.

He even kept up the smiles as Entourage star Rex Lee dropped several gay references in his judging comments.

When Abbott judged the dancing dogs and said “I love animals,” Lee added, “I love men and I love animals!”

He even repeated it a second time.

Abbott has previously said homosexuality challenges the right order of things.

“I probably feel a bit threatened, as so many people do. It’s a fact of life,” he once told 60 Minutes.

As if Abbott hadn’t already felt upstaged, sour judge Red Symons gave just 1 pt to a quartet of tiny girls, branding them “Untalented” and “Precocious.”


  1. Word is going around that some of the the audience were asked to boo Tony, so that Red could make some sort of a joke about a guest getting more boos than him, but for whatever reason Red didn’t make the quip.

  2. I didn’t watch this. I stopped after the 2nd reunion special.
    But … isn’t it time that someone at Ch9 with an ounce of intelligence put this
    show to rest … permanently?
    It’s not funny.
    It stopped being funny many years so long ago … it’s just sad now.

  3. Macarthurblack

    Yes bogan pride, Tony got just as many cheers as he did boos. It would be the same if Gillard went on. It’s going to be a close race.

  4. ” i like the julia gillards accent” hahahahha Good one Tony. I think Abbott was great. And i bet for every boo, from the audience. There was a thousand yays, from the millions of people watching hey hey.
    And red judging those girls was priceless. vintage symonds. When i saw the kids walk out. i thought’ ” Well they’ll win.” But red came through,

  5. I loved the Red Faces segment, particularly with Red’s treatment of the final act. It was true to an extent (the girl on the far right was show boating quite a bit).

  6. I loved the 7:30 report last night when Kerry O’Brien got stuck into Tony Abbott about a last minute change not turning up to his show to speak as he was supposed to and instead he appraered on hey hey and sent Joe Hockey instead. It was just perfect.

  7. suprisingly funny episode tonight throughout. Moving it to saturdays would be a good move, time will tell if the ratings fair better

    i always wondered if those “boo”, “laughs” and “cheers” were computerized?

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