Returning: Man vs Wild

SBS ONE has new episodes of cult hero Bear Grylls next month, or at least first run on Free to Air.

Since the loss of Top Gear to Nine, the dashing Grylls has certainly been doing his bit for the network.

The wild escapades continue when Man vs Wild returns to SBS ONE on Monday night, 2 August with an episode that will no doubt raise the hairs on the back of your neck and make your stomach turn.

This chapter plants Bear at the gateway to the Middle-East – on the Anatolian Plateau in Turkey where he discovers ancient caves, and shows us how to survive against the constant struggle with nature.

As one would expect, in this structurally complex terrain Bear chooses the path where the most gruelling challenges ensue including steep climbs, perilous white-water rapids, poisonous snakes and scorpions. Follow him as he is parachuted into a cold mountain lake, improvises a raft, and battles the rapids only to be confronted by a menacing 36 metre waterfall. Forced to use a hand-made wood and rope ladder, he lowers himself down a sheer 30 metre rock face one step at a time…until his ladder runs out…


  1. I reckon SBS would do well to pick up Travel Channels Man V Food its another ‘fun’ type show that could help aid the loss of Top Gear.

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