Returning: RSPCA Animal Rescue

This Monday night, Seven has a one-off special of Highway Patrol at 7:30pm, followed by the debut of new property series Under the Hammer at 8pm.

A week later it returns RSPCA Animal Rescue with Anthony Field and continues Under the Hammer.

7:30pm Monday July 26
Highway Patrol
In this special, the officers of Victoria Police’s Traffic Branch find themselves again in the frontline fighting dangerous drivers in a bid to keep our streets safe.

The pursuit of a motorbike ends in a head on smash between the patrol car and the fleeing motorbike. As unlikely as this sounds, it’s just one of the many things Officer de Bono discovers is not as it should be about this bike rider.

A car runs through a random breath test stop, narrowly missing an officer waving cars in. Officer Dean Pickering stops him and discovers the driver is a jittering mess, who claims to be so scared of the police he didn’t want to stop.

Officer Alasdair Farrell responds to a report that a person is armed with a knife on a late night bus. The suspects are taken off the bus but the man accused of having the knife just won’t cooperate.

Officer Luke Anderton pulls over a woman for speeding and it’s the first time she’s ever been stopped by police. When they start to joke about Luke “being her first” Luke loses his train of thought and lets her off. Things get stranger when Luke pulls over his second driver, to discover he’s recently booked her for another traffic offence. The driver and her passenger are keen to explore all options for getting out of the ticket – including stripping.

7:30pm Mon August 2
RSPCA Animal Rescue
An injured Irish Terrier is brought in paralysed and vets suspect he has been bitten by a snake. And RSPCA officers find two possums being illegally kept as domestic pets. Hosted by Anthony Field.


  1. I thought HWP was coming back permanently – that’s a bit silly – I know Dean, and he said they followed him for about 6 weeks, so surely there’s more episodes to come ?

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